Carrie Underwood’s Good Girl Gets HAC Ads Date – Crossover Attempt?

Good Girl, the lead single off Carrie Underwood’s fourth studio album, Blown Away, will be given a chance to crossover to formats other than country where it currently sits at #8, 6 weeks after being released.

On April 23rd, Hot Adult Contemporary format radios (HAC) are invited to add Good Girl to their rotation. The song is currently #42 on the HAC charts, due to airplay from stations that added it upon requests.

This is Carrie’s first song since Before He Cheats (Last Name got an adds date but was later pulled) to get an adds date for a radio format other than country.

I guess crossover promotion is a go. If Good Girl turns out to be a hit on HAC, Top 40 won’t be that far off.

8 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood’s Good Girl Gets HAC Ads Date – Crossover Attempt?

  1. I hope HAC stations pick this incredibly fun song up… GOOD GIRL has all the makings of a crossover smash!! However, I fear country radion will somehow misread this move and penalize Carrie’s teamn for attempting to crossover…. its a bit strange how the song burst out of the gate and hit Top 10 in a few weeks, yet now (like so many other country hits) it seems will take at least 5-6 more weeks to hit #1 when we all know its likely the most requested song on radio and has essentially been #1 on I-tunes for 5-6 weeks straight… that is why country radio charts are so skewed and unfair IMHO, since Carrie can debut at #1 with only 3 days on sale, yet be lumped in with the other acts (Lady A, Lee Brice, Luke Bryan, Miranda) so they all can have a chance at number one… How can Katy Perry, Rhianna, and Gaga all debut at #1, yet Carrie’s GOOD GIRL had a monster debut week yet only hit around #19 on Billboard first week? I’ve spoken to many stations, Mediabase, ACM, and no one has a concrete answer.. just that its a combination of all factors… baloney, Carrie should have debuted at #1 since it was the biggest radio add first week, debuted at #1 I-tunes, and the most ancticipated song of the year… oh well, let’s CU fans pray she gets to #1 and no backlash reveals itself. BTW – ACM robbed Carrie of her 4th Best Vocal award. Carrie proved via her “Thou Art” live performance and soaring vocals on “Remind Me” that she won it hands down – but ACM chose to give to the Blake/Miranda “golden couple” again.. and again. I found it refreshing that Miranda felt so guilty about stealing away with both ACM Best Album and Best Vocal awards that she held a press conference to say she “wants to pass the awards torch” and “does not need anymore awards” — I agree – when MY KINDA PARTY loses to the mediocre FOR THE RECORD (which was released only a few months ago, and has no #1 songs yet) you have to ponder how political and rigged the ACMs and CMAs really are its kind of scary. The real travesty is that Miranda now has 3 ACM vocal awards to tie Carrie….Miranda will NEVER be the same caliber of vocalist as Carrie, and to hand her so many awards like candy is just not right – it reduces the credibility of ACM overall. Yep, Miranda must have been pretty embarrased to win that vocal award over Carrie since she felt the need to publicly say so – at least she had the guts to be honest with Nashville, as so many others do not.


    • Country charts are governed by airplay. Even other names can’t get to debut at #1 (unless you’re Garth Brooks). Good Girl has been doing well. It’s already gold. Its sales have been very consistent. The label is holding it back to lessen the logjam in the top 10.
      Regarding the awards, I’ve been tuned out of all of them for obvious reasons :p


  2. I love Good Girl and love hearing it on country radio. I am glad it is being released to HAC so other formats and listeners have a chance to hear Carrie’s amazing vocals. Country radio has sure not penalized Taylor Swift, Lady A, Jason Aldean and others that release their songs to other formats. Taylor Swift and Lady A even remixed their songs so they didn’t sound country. So I say…more power to Carrie. She is an amazing artist and Good Girl is a great song!


  3. I wish Carrie the very very best in a possible cross-over Good Girl. After all, no other artist has the singing chops Carrie has, and mainstream music/pop needs someone to wakem them up from listening to all that disposable stuff (Nicki Minaj, Rhianna, Gaga, LMAO, etc) — so little real music left in the Billboad Hot 100… go team Carrie.

    *** By the way I still cannot find a cd of “Remind Me” Ella AC mix… can you someone send me a cd of that song for my collection, nothin more, just want to play a cd in my car.. thanks anyone who can help me.



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