R.I.P Warda Al Jazairia

Whenever I think of Warda, I think of my mother singing her songs as I hovered around her. The legendary Algerian singer passed away a few hours ago, at the age of 71, in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

My favorite Warda song is not the go-to Batwannes Bik. It’s one from the only Egyptian movie I’ve watched, back when I was much younger, upon my mother’s request. It’s probably my favorite because of the number of times I’ve heard my mother sing it.

The song is “Hikayti Ma3 l Zaman.” You can’t but be delighted by her voice, her performance, the lyrics and the tune.

I find it horrifying that as the news of Warda’s passing spread around, one of the newer “singers” was busy stripping and “singing” on MTV. The contrast is eye-opening. The giants of Arabic music are fast going away. It’s sad that we only cherish them when they pass away.

Warda’s body will be sent to Algeria tomorrow. She was born in France in 1940 to an Algerian father and a Lebanese mother. She has said on numerous occasions that her talent comes from her mother so with her passing, Lebanon has lost one of its giants as well.

Warda’s repertoire is non-ending. Her highlight songs are many. These are some of them:

And last but not least:

May she rest in peace.



8 thoughts on “R.I.P Warda Al Jazairia

  1. I was really touched by her death yesterday, I still have the “batwannes beek” cassette from back then with that exact cover shown in the video, It brings me some sweet childhood memories where everything used to be different.
    And what you said about that “singer” yesterday is totally true, I find it very ironic; unfortunately it summarizes the whole situation..


    • I’m pretty sure my mom has it as well somewhere. And yeah, that singer taking off her clothes while Warda died – it sums up the state of music today perfectly.


  2. she will be remembered for ever. After 35 years Um Kalthoum songs still sell, and Warda’s will as well. She is one of those singeres who re-invented herself while alive, and she she will always rediscovered even after she pased away. We love you WARDA… may your soul rest in peace…



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