$450,000: The Bounty for Bashar el Assad’s Head

A Saudi Arabian cleric announced via his Twitter account that he’s offering $450,000 to anyone who would kill the Syrian president Bashar el Assad.

The Saudi cleric in question is actually one of the country’s top religious figure: Dr. Ali Al Rabieei. The tweet was published both in English and Arabic. Interestingly enough, the bounty started at $400,000 before he upped it by another $50,000.

After the Houla Massacre, I have my reservations regarding this amount. But I’m not paying. And I have no idea what’s the point behind something that will obviously lead nowhere except becoming a source for dark humor at a time where no one needs such a thing.


6 thoughts on “$450,000: The Bounty for Bashar el Assad’s Head

  1. This man is paying to have someone killed. Isn’t that the description of conspiracy for murder? He’s the one who should be shot dead. The Earth would benefit from less scums like him. Who does he think he is? I’d kill him for free if I could. 😛

    As for Bachar Al Assad, the Houla massacre was terrible but just so you know, the Security Council and others have condemned both the regime and the rebels for that incident. Why both? Because the “rebels” are killing innocent people just as much as the army shells and because they’re the reason the army attacked the city in the first place. They set these people up, just like Yasser Arafat did with the Palestinians in Lebanon. They wanted martyrs so that there’s a stronger world outrage.
    Yes the West and the UN will quickly condemn Al Assad because they’re the ones who started this (fake) revolution in the first place. Mind you, it’s not that I’m pro-Assad, but I wonder why after over a year since the chaos started, the majority of the Syrian people didn’t stand up to him… They know he’s their only chance for a secular state. The Syrians want to live. They need to breathe. The rebels are already killing and evicting innocent civilians and the Syrian people are witnessing that, even if the media isn’t reporting those incidents and when the UN is putting the deaths on Bachar’s hands. I know this because I have Syrian friends stuck in Syria. They despise the rebels and are scared of them even more than Bachar….


    • The cleric is just doing this for attention. If Assad was reachable, he would have been dead long ago.

      As for the rest of your comment, I respectfully, categorically and utterly disagree. When it comes to this valid revolution, everyone sees it from his own point of view.
      I believe Bashar el Assad is a murderer, psychopath who has shown us in Lebanon what he can do and is now doing so to his own people. I’ve had discussions with both sides of the conflict: pro and anti-regime. The rebels are doing mistakes but definitely not as much as Bashar’s forces.
      He’s the Syrian’s only hope to a secular state? Well he had over 40 years between him and his father to do so. I don’t see that happening. Or it could be that the sectarian cleansing that he’s doing has given him away.
      Either way, he’s scum and he should rot in hell as soon as possible.



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