A Pedophile at a Lebanese Catholic School

LBC has reported that 11 girls, aged between 6 and 8, fell as victims to a 20 year old arts teacher at a very renowned Lebanese Catholic school in Mount Lebanon.

The teacher in question, whose whereabouts are currently unknown and who has deleted all his social network accounts, asked the girls to give him nude pictures of themselves and it wasn’t except by coincidence that his actions were discovered.

One of the 6 year old girls he assaulted told her parents about how he used to ask her to lift her skirt and he’d press his body on hers.

The school asked the teacher to resign, pending investigations. Some of the parents have already filed charges. Others are still waiting on the necessary psychological assessments.

Does anyone know if Lebanese law is protective towards children? Or does it deal with them when it comes to these things the same way it does to women?

The issue of the sexual abuse of children is rarely spoken of in the country. More “pressing” issues are of concern but do our children even have the basic legislature to protect them?

I don’t blame the Catholic school for hiring this man. They surely had no idea of knowing he was a pervert but hopefully this becomes a cautionary tale for other schools in the country to properly vet any candidate that seeks a teaching position in their institution.


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