Lebanese Audiences Allowed to Attend World Cup Qualifier Lebanon VS Qatar Football Game

Looks like our government changes opinions quicker than a hormonal person. Could they change opinions again soon? Time will tell.

The Ministry of Interior & Municipalities has canceled yesterday’s decision to ban audiences from attending the Lebanon vs Qatar football game. They are now permitted to do so.

What caused this change of heart? I have no idea. But it looks like we don’t care now about the Qatari prince’s feelings. Why was that an issue in the first place, I have no idea. Blog Baladi believes it’s the Lebanese audience’s fault based on the way they behave in usual sports games. I totally disagree. It’s as if we’re the only sports fans whose excitement goes through the roof before games.

Quick question to any average Lebanese who would attend the game: do you know what the Qatari prince’s name is in order to curse him?

No? Thought so. Neither did I.

Either way, those who can should attend the game to root for our national team. The audience is an important player in such games, especially with players that are severely underpaid and under-appreciated. The Lebanese attendees of the South Korea vs Lebanon game made all the difference.

Good luck to Lebanon in the game against Qatar. Here’s hoping we win, despite it being a severe uphill climb.

4 thoughts on “Lebanese Audiences Allowed to Attend World Cup Qualifier Lebanon VS Qatar Football Game

    • I wouldn’t mind that. He’s doing far worse things than banning or allowing people from attending a football game. Which reminds me I should blog about that.



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