An Update on the Pedophilia Incidence at a Lebanese Catholic School

Following the news that I told you about two days ago concerning finding a pedophile in his early 20s who sexually abused 11 girls, aged between 6 and 8, new details are surfacing regarding the incident.

1) The Catholic school in question is in Antoura.

2) The man is 22 year old. You can find his Facebook profile here.

3) The perpetrator got into a car accident yesterday. Some are saying it was an attempted suicide. His hospital room is guarded by policemen. (Source).

What surprised me the most is that some people are actually defending him. “Where’s the proof?” is some of the things I’ve heard. “How can you trust the word of 6 year old girls?” is another. “Parents should look into their own homes first,” was also said.

Based on the information provided, it seems like the perpetrator did not rape the girls in which case the examining physicians won’t find any physical evidence on the girls that would prove he did anything. But that is no excuse to call this a desperate cry of a 6 year old for attention. Asking little children to take revealing pictures of themselves or touching them is pedophilia. 11 girls coming forward with similar accusations is not random.

Regardless of whether this man is your friend or not, just ponder on this for a second: what if the little girl was your own daughter? What if she was your own sister? Would you still defend anyone your daughter or sister is saying is doing inappropriate things to her?

When you send your children to a reputable school, you expect them to be educated not get “educated.”

What I hope out of all of this is for the little girls not to remember any of what they went through and I sure hope their parents don’t remind them about it.


13 thoughts on “An Update on the Pedophilia Incidence at a Lebanese Catholic School

  1. I salute your determination in condemning loud and clear this act of pedophilia,in a country where until now that openness was more than lacking on the subject!


  2. Elie, same people that defended this guy and won’t believe a 6 year old, are the same parents that won’t believe their own children!


  3. Pierre Chalach is a Freemason. And what he did is part of common practices among Freemasons to recruit mind control slaves through sexual means.


  4. In Lebanon there is no true and quick help against children sexual abuse, the authority wait till it happen a catastrophe like viol or death to react, i hope that situation will change, save the lebanese children from sexual abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. It must be specialist psychiatric doctors to detect sexual abuse for small children of 1.5 years and over, doctors who are not afraid to give reports or talk, this is not fair, nobody helps, please save the small children from sexual abuse, there is no help in lebanon, not even the association specialized in this field help; realy they don’t help



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