Lord Gaga X Does It Again

Provide a hilarious show without intending to, that is.

To those who watched the show, did he advance to the next stage?

If they let him through, then it’s beyond any doubt a gimmick to bring in viewers. How many tuned in to Arabs Got Talent only to see what he had up his sleeve?

Now imagine him winning and becoming the symbol of what talent the Arabs have. That would be quite awesome.

If I were in his shoes and after the week his country (Syria) had, I would have shown a little more consideration.


10 thoughts on “Lord Gaga X Does It Again

  1. Look at his clothes!! I actually feel guilty for laughing at him; he seems so devoted and determined, he actually takes it seriously and I don’t think he finds any comedy in it… I can’t believe there are people that naive!


  2. So Syria is in the middle of a civil war and massacres, and one Syrian man wants to dance like a fool on television… but who cares? ما المشكلة؟ That’s like saying a Syrian man can’t sell ice cream because Syria is in the middle of a civil war… if he wants to be a comedian let him. Lord Gaga X is not the representative of the entire Syrian people, if you want politics listen to Scormix.



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