Look At All Those “Idiots” Attending The Pope’s Mass in Beirut

350,000. That’s how many people went to Beirut’s Watefront to attend the Pope’s Mass.

A few people is all it took for a wave of ridicule to start hitting them all. Some people were bothered by the Mass. And I don’t get why.

I didn’t go down to Beirut for the Mass although I would have liked to. And I can understand why someone wouldn’t want to. But why make fun of those who do?

Are they causing you any harm? No. Are they wrecking havoc to downtown Beirut? No. Are they giving a bad image of your country? No.

On the contrary, the Pope’s Mass in Beirut was broadcast for the entire world to see. And if there’s any decent image that we could have given the world, it’s this: 350,000 people, not all of whom are Christian, listening in to a message of hope.

You don’t like the Pope? Fine. You don’t think what he has to say is relevant? You have every right. But what you don’t have the right to do is make fun of those who like the Pope and who think what he has to say is relevant.

Religion may not mean anything to you but it means something to others. You find religions to be bringing societies backwards, others find in them a message of hope. And as it is your right to express your belief without expecting people to pummel you for it, the least you can do is extend that courtesy to those who don’t share your beliefs.

Personally, I felt proud as a Lebanese first and foremost and as a Christian second to see the crowds in Downtown Beirut chant and attend Mass. It made me feel hopeful, if only for a fleeting second, that somehow someday things might get better. I may be delusional, but that’s fine – at least for today.

The point is: the Pope’s visit means a lot to so many people. It may mean nothing to you but that doesn’t mean you can disparage the right of people to see hope in it or to attend Mass and feel delusional for one more day. It’s their life and if you believe they’re not reaching their “mental apogee” because of it, then it’s their loss not yours.


10 thoughts on “Look At All Those “Idiots” Attending The Pope’s Mass in Beirut

  1. Well said you are so right. Let there be hope or these people and may their prayers ome true. We all need the prayers for peace, love and tolerance, it doesn’t matter from Whom. Good luck to those 350,000 people who were there feeling the spirituality of the day. I wish I was their on this historical and Religious day. Amen


  2. 350,000 in person… and MILLIONS and MILLIONS in the Diaspora watching with tears in their eyes for the Blessings being poured down on their beloved Lebanon .. Peace to Lebanon.


  3. I just read your comment … Thank for saying transmetting real facts instead of pretending that everything is going well and that all Lebanese are united and happy for the Pope’s visit! One of the way to make fun of the Pope’s visit was…” Are you going to see BABA , I m going to see MAMA”. I really dont understand where s the joke inside. Nobody is asking you to be baptized, but you are obliged to respect our religious symbols, as we respect yours. Regarding the mass, I went and believe it wasn’t a piece of cake! We sat on the floor under the sun for hours just to listen to his words. In our presence we simply proved to the word that we are minorities but natives!


  4. I don’t understand who is this person allowed himself to judge that the 350 thousand people are idiots!! I personally think he is the last person in the world has the right to open his mouth , anyway I need his comment when there is a speech for Al Sayed Nasralah for 1 million people .


  5. Idiot is th eperson who thinks that all the people attending the mass that day were idiot. Unfortunetly, we still have have people like this but you have to know that we are christian & we are proud of that. The Christians are the crown of the world what ever U say and without the christianity Lebanon will disapeer. May Gog forgive U & give U the wisdom coz U don’t even have mercy in ur heart….



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