A New Job for the Lebanese Army: Guard Fast Food Restaurants

I’m not even kidding. Pictures are courtesy of the Daily Star.


Now this is not something you see everyday. “Would you like a riffle with your burger?”

As if the Lebanese Army doesn’t have enough on its plate. We now have to worry about a bunch of morons in religious heat acting out on franchises managed by local companies and hiring Lebanese workers.

Ah well…


3 thoughts on “A New Job for the Lebanese Army: Guard Fast Food Restaurants

  1. i just read that a KFC/Hardees chain was burnt down in Tripoli… i guess it wasn’t a job well done then :s lol i dont’ understand why these stupid protesters who are vandalizing the streets, aren’t simply ARRESTED.

    if for every offensive video or speech made by islamists about Christians, there were to be a wave of deadly protests…then where the hell would we be now? lol

    I guess this proves that muslims, as well as the governments who support these protests a.k.a. don’t take direct action to stop them…haven’t changed much or learned anything since The Danish cartoons…. all they’re doing is making themselves look stupid, small minded and ignorant…the U.S. has something called freedom of speech, so does Denmark..i guess they don’t really know what that means. I cant believe people actually lost their lives during these protest…how sad. and pathetic.


  2. As the with the Mokdad family,they could be arrested and brought to justice.Instead of spending few days in jail they SHOULD be convicted to sentences of general interest work.Just a little pay back to the places they vandalised.Those illeterates scum have been destroying and killing in the name of a religion they hardly know or can spell for that matter!


  3. This doesn’t surprise me anymore, this country has some of the weirdest situations and its “government” is the weakest minded i’ve ever seen



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