The Palestinian Hypocrisy

The Arabs.

Pray for Gaza… you’ve been praying for Palestine for about 70 years. I’m not sure if it should be considered sad that the only thing you know how to do is pray or it’s just you being delusional. You seem not to have gotten the hint: if prayers worked, Palestine would have been liberated, Gaza would be free and everything would be swell. But things are obviously not. Perhaps you should start looking into other options? You know, such as trying to get your governments – hard as that may be – to actually man up and try to change things in Palestine instead of making under the table dealings with Israel while you all pretend as if those things are not happening. In case you don’t know which governments I’m referring to, let me name them: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt.

Gaza on my mind…. Yes, please tell me more how Gaza is on all your minds. Only when it is bombed. You see, the situation in Gaza was pitiful last year, last month and last week. And yet none of you cared. But whenever shit hits the fan there, suddenly you all become concerned. So you change your Facebook profile pictures in solidarity and tweet accordingly, rejoicing whenever one of your hashtags manages to trend. And panicking whenever an opposite hashtag manages to trend as well. Because that’s rare feat for Arabs on Twitter. Meanwhile, as you legitimately panic about all the children dying in Gaza, at least half of you have no problem in extrapolating the situation in Syria to some cosmic entity then bringing it back to give you some peace of mind as to why the children killings there could somehow be justified (here are some pictures if you feel like ruining your day). But what do I know, I haven’t changed my profile picture on Facebook yet nor will I ever. And that’s surely detrimental to the cause of saving all the children. I’d throw in a line here about religious minorities too but that would be all too much to handle.

The bottom line… a week or a month from now, when the situation in Gaza dies down, you will all change your profile pictures back to some version of a duck-face and you won’t care again. And when all those Facebook events asking you to show compassion to Gaza stop, you’re all going back to your normal lives. But the people of Gaza will not. And you’ll keep on preaching about how the state of Israel needs to be abolished from existence, which is just delusional. But I guess you can pray on that too.

The West.

Pray for Israel… I didn’t know you knew how to pray! Now that is a revelation in itself. Israel is the victim here, you say. Please tell ignorant me how did you get to that fascinating conclusion. Hamas is firing rockets! 12,000 rockets have been fired in the past year on Israel! Cue in the outrage. Or not. How many Israelis died due to those 12,000 rockets? One, two, twenty? How many Palestinians were killed in the past year due to the Israelis? And here’s your answer right there. No, the Palestinians are not terrorists. The only terrorists here are people like you with a mentality that keeps praising the oppressor… only because your media has told you so. Then you get your official spokespeople to come on the airwaves and bestow upon the world their rhetorical questioning: But we don’t get why the Palestinians are doing this! Let’s see… Suppose that they started all of this, the correct answer begins with a big fat O. And in case you couldn’t guess what that was, here it is for you: occupation. But you wouldn’t understand because while you live off your cloud nine, worrying about the few thousand dollars less you’ll be making per year, you’ve never been occupied. You’ve never had to go through life wondering if today would be your last just because a foreign military is present on your land. And you’ve never – ever – bothered to think critically about Israel. So pray you do. And give money to Israel you do. And indirectly kill children, you also do.

Israel on my mind… but of course it is on your mind. How could it not be? The only ally in the region to your countries. The only place where you feel safe visiting. The only place that’s fighting terrorism. The only place where religions are protected. The mini-west in that hellhole of the East. Israel is perfect. Only you don’t know that Arab Israelis are treated as second rate citizens because they’re not jews, you also don’t know that with every day passing, it oppresses the Palestinians in whatever piece of internationally recognized territory they have, but that’s not terrorism. And they don’t have the right to do anything about it because if they do, then Israel has the right to defend itself. And Israel is a beacon for democracy… as long as the same people keep winning. Because if the Israeli left ever dared to win, they’d be assassinated. Instead, you throw at the world the only thing you think you know about this piece of the world while you know next to nothing. And you take your ignorance as scripture. And let Israel be on your mind.

The bottom line… While you freak out about violations to human rights everywhere, I don’t see you seeing violation of human rights that happen to the Palestinians every single day. Because you consider them all as less than people – they are not worth living when they’re infringing the rights of the great Jewish State of Israel. While you get appalled at all the dead children in Syria and other parts of the world, you have no problem not caring about the dead children of Palestine… because one Israeli child died… not knowing that the ratio is like 12:1.

The bottom line. 

This is not a repeat of Goliath and David. The weak Palestinians and their useless rockets and their pitiful stones are not threatening the security of Israel – they could only dream of doing so. And anyone who thinks that the Palestinians are a threat is delusional, ignorant and pitiful. More Palestinians have been killed in the past few days of Gaza airstrikes than all the Israelis whose deaths have caused this. But let’s just tweet about it.  And for the record, I am as unbiased a source as you can get from this part of the world regarding this matter but some things need to be said. You can update your Facebook status now and share this because you’ll be saving a life.

28 thoughts on “The Palestinian Hypocrisy

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  2. Your analysis of us Westerners is funny. The people you describe exist in abundance, that is for sure. But you failed to mention the pro-Palestine crowd who are not really all that pro-Palestine but found in Palestinians a great victim to patronize. Half of the “Western” people who care on my Facebook one-sidedly blame Israel, I share them with the side who want to turn Gaza in a parking lot :/
    This is the crowd who will praise any kind of Palestinian action. Who march along in demonstrations where I have heard plenty of anti-Semitism (although I am sure I could find someone to hypothize that shouting “Hamas Hamas Jews to the gas” is merely constructive criticism). We have plenty of parties here which want to boycott Israel and unilaterally declare a Palestinian state. But true enough they are not in power, funnily enough they belong to a political side you – from what I know – aren’t too fond of. And I personally dislike them for reasons unrelated to the Middle East (not the biggest fan of post-Maoists or Socialists). But you could start looking for these friends. Oh and btw, most far-right groups over here are pro-Palestine as well, I have it documented and pictures, Neo-Nazis marching for Palestine, heck you’ll even find them on twitter.

    Israel bears plenty of responsibility, no doubt. But I believe it is only fair to mention 60+ years of Arab rejectionism. Your war of 1948, in which Lebanon only had a token part but still, was a complete and utter failure and not only because of Western support. While the deaths and expulsions of Palestinians (oh, and Jews in Arab lands) is a refugee problem quite small in numbers compared to the European wars before, the vengeful butthurt which followed from the Arab side has certainly contributed to Israel’s right-wing politics. The “no relations, no negotiations, no concessions” policy decided upon in Sudan by all Arabs was almost a blessing for Israel and a “unjust justification” for whatever they would do next. And the illusion of victory has occupied the Arab leader’s minds so much, Israel could not wish for a more deluded barking buffoon as an enemy.
    Before you get the wrong idea I don’t justify Israel here but I mean to say that Arab rejectionism is but most was as dangerous and stupid as the German cry for vengeance after Versailles, except Germans were more capable of getting their shyt together and produce something like a succesful military. Only Hezbollah has so far defeaten Israel, all Arab armies and also Lebanon only won sporadic battles and lost everywhere else and all the time. Probably because of those darn F16s Israel was flying in 1948. But I believe the Middle East has come to realize this, ever since the glorious wars failed the talk is no more about imminent destruction of the Zionists, but rather of Israel’s agression “on Palestinians and Arabs in general”.

    By the way, this whole war is related to politics if you ask me. The right-wing in Israel will profit from this. It’s always a gamble. Olmert wasn’t able to prove himself in 2006, but I think Bibi will be able to this right now. You are right that the Palestinians are not that much of a threat, but siege mentality will persist no doubt. Completely to Bibi’s expecations the Arabs in the Palestinian territories forgot what Hamas did to (corrupt) Fatah and now chant for bombs on Tel Aviv: they do not deserve an independent state (those are not my words but I am only showing Israeli reasoning). The Israeli right-wing on my twitter page is going crazy with this “let’s beat the shit out of them” mentality now that the pictures of rocket ranges haven’t worked enough.

    But there’s the thing, Israel siege mentality couldn’t survive a day without the likes of Hamas, without someone to hate. And likewise the Arabs would have to create Israel if it wasn’t there in the first place, because I really wonder where else you’ll find a scapegoat for so much incompetence.

    And please, the West isn’t just delusional, we had occupations and wars which make Gaza look like a walk in the park. We had obstacles to overcome far greater than this. We have people living everywhere and nowhere where they “colonized” places or simply moved in or were massacred out. Arabs and Jews are no less human than warmonering Europeans, sooner or later everyone will get fed up with war, even if Hezbollah and Israel’s weapon industries want nothing else.

    I know this is out of place Elie but I do appreciate every single post of you even if I disagree with you. Basically here we only have the pro-Israel crowd you desribed and then the Socialist ones who want to patronize and hug Middle Easterns (save Jews) to death. The local narrative is only intersting when it is some crazy radical nobody hear of. I believe a local narrative like yours is more than essential. But your view on Europeans also shows a cultural bias from your side, and I think it is fair enough for me to point that out.


    • The pro-Palestinians of the West are irrelevant. They’re very few and their voices are very rarely heard. I did not address the anti-semitism here because that’s another issue altogether. But I have pointed it out to people on Twitter many times and they ended up deleting their tweets. This post isn’t about unveiling every single fragment of the societies I’m talking about, it’s about addressing the picture that is given the world – not the one which you get behind closed doors.
      And if you think the image of the West is that of a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli entity then I think you should start reconsidering that.
      Yes, I know most pro-Palestinians belong to the left. Me supporting the right usually politically doesn’t mean I agree with everything they do. It depends on what they stand for regarding certain issues. I find more similarities with their proposals in general than with the left, especially economically, but that doesn’t mean I sign blank checks for them.
      Also I believe neo-Nazis are as irrelevant as you could get as well. How many people support such drastic parties again?
      The fact remains that most of the West has a pretty solid stance regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and I’ve illustrated it here.

      I am against Arab rejections. And in case you didn’t notice, I referred to the Arabs as they not we and that was for a very precise reason which I’m sure you can deduce. But you can’t also blame the Arabs for rejecting that their land be taken away from them forcibly. Sure, they should have known they were super weak, which is the same thing today, but they didn’t. And I don’t hold that against them. And yes, agreed about the blinded buffoon part.

      However, I believe that there is an ongoing shift of power in the region. Hamas, for instance, which was strengthened by Iran and Syria is now being supported by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This shift will not help Israel one bit, regardless of how little importance it might hold. Though little things tend to build up over time.

      I know the whole war is politics. The Israeli right wants to make sure it wins next elections and what better thing to do than make a war out of nothing. This will also get the Palestinians to vote for Hamas next elections and the status quo remains. However, I did not discuss this in my post simply because this is not about the politics of it as much as it general observations.

      The Israeli siege mentality cannot survive one day without the support it gets from the like of the United States. It’s as simple as that. Take away that support and they’re as weak as the Arabs they have no problem bullying around.

      The entire west had occupations? The West is not just Europe. Europe is literally irrelevant in the Israeli conflict. The West here is the United States mostly. The biggest clue to Europe being irrelevant? When MPs from the European parliament went on a ship to Gaza and they were arrested. LOL. Yeah, Europe has known war – but Europe’s wars are no longer imprinted in the mind of its youth. The youth parading their love for Israel around only know stories – they haven’t lived it first hand. And yeah, I’m pretty sure you haven’t known occupation like I have.

      And thank you for reading Daniel. But I don’t think my cultural bias exists when I praise Europe for what it has to offer. One thing you need to know though is when I talk about the West, Europe is in the back of my mind and it’s mostly the US I’m talking about here. I don’t make it clear enough because I also believe that the majority of Europeans (at least Western Europeans) fall within the ideas I’m voicing.


      • Okay, first of all your focus on the USA was not very clear to me. I am European and a bit eurocentric when I think of the “West”, I think of good-old Western Europe first =). The American position is widely different from most European states, and certainly many states act differently as well, with mine and Germany being mostly on the pro-Israel side.

        I hope this part isn’t too redundant, like you said yourself Europeans think differently from the Americans, save the Islamophobic internet activists. In Europe the pro-Palestinians are certainly not the few and there are varying degrees. For example my previous government only mentioned support for Israel but the current government mentions support for peace for both. See, these differences exist throughout Europe. Many EU members wanted to condemn Israel at one point or make a strong statement: they were held back by countries which disagreed with that statement, but that still shows there is no real solid stance. Sure we do not have the collective pressure and power projection of the USA, but there is still some influence particularly financial.

        I don’t really agree on Israel not lasting too long without US support. They will have to change and change things fast, but Israel has been in a much worse state militarily and technologically and even then the Arabs failed to have succes. We can talk about French support before ’67 or those fancy Czech weapons Israel used in ’48, but there’s more to it. There’s not one variable called US support, albeit the most important one. The *domestic* technological innovations of Israel far outweigh those of its classic enemies Egypt or Syria, just to name something, for example. The fact that Israel uses the USA to keep some neighbor states from developing is another issue of course.

        I haven’t known occupation, thank goodness. I only know stories. And thank goodness my country wasn’t as hard hit as others. You think Germans and French were all about smoking the peace pipe in the late 40s? The fact that the youth is filled with hatred, bad memories and revenge is no justification for not talking to the enemy. This has to happen. Although it is impossible with the likes of Bibi or Hamas.

        Qatar and Saudi’s are now getting closer to Hamas, yeah. I really wonder how this will affect the strength of the Islamic Jihad in Palestine and the Popular Resistance Committees, as far as I know they are Iran’s buddies and Iran is keen on not losing them. I do hope the Qataris are willing to pay their share for the war damage, I am pretty sure they made Hamas quite a bit overconfident. Meanwhile, yesterday I checked four main national newspapers and none had Syria on their front page, I am sure the killing in Syria stopped. This war is profitable for so many political sides it is unbelievable, except for most civilians in Gaza and also Israel.


        • Well yeah, the West to me is anything west of Greenwich. Europe feels very close. And yes, I know that American policies differ greatly from European ones as Europe is a collection of different countries, each with a stance regarding this. And I do appreciate the “neutral” attitude that some European states come up with – but I’m not sure it reflects on the people.
          When it comes to Germany, I think their current stance stems from guilt.

          Don’t worry about redundancy – if you want to prove a point, feel free to repeat.

          I disagree – the US has been the constant fixture in helping Israel especially in these times. If you take out the US military and political support, Israel will be more than isolated which would be detrimental to it. It’s not in vain that American presidential hopefuls argue about who likes Israel more.

          Problem with Hamas is that they’re finding all this support now which they believe gives everything they do legitimacy. Syria is a long story in hypocrisy 🙂


  3. There is so much I disagree with in your post, I don’t know where to start. The only thing that makes me feel a little better, is that you bashed the other side as well. So I guess you’ll have a lot of annoyed comments.
    Since it’s late, I’ll make a few short comments:
    1. There is no occupation in Gaza. There hasn’t been for 7 years. The ‘siege’ that everybody’s going on about is mostly a figment of their imagination. Obviously, Palestinians can’t go in and out of Israel, because we are enemies. But what about Egypt? That border’s open, and when it isn’t, the border is riddled with tunnels like swiss cheese.
    So it’s interesting to note that while Gaza is unoccupied, the violence is coming from there, while there is quiet for the most part in Judea and Samaria (the west bank).
    2. The ‘death ratio’ between Israel and Gaza is also misleading. True, there have been a lot less Israeli deaths from rockets than there have been from Israeli airstrikes. But-
    Israel’s strikes are pinpointed and aimed only at enemy combatants (see for instance the photos of Ahmed Ja3bri’s car- the hood is unscratched but the rest of the car is gone. If that’s not precision, I don’t know what is). Hamas’s rockets, on the other hand are aimed at the Israeli public in general. They have no guidance systems so they usually land in open fields. That doesn’t make them any less deadly (3 civilians were killed on Friday), and it definitely doesn’t make it any less of a crime to be firing them at civilians.
    3. You said the Palestinians are not a threat. While there have been fewer deaths from rockets, they still disrupt life in the areas under fire. Over 1 million Israelis have spent the week going in and out of bomb shelters. On Friday, I got acquainted with my own bomb shelter when the siren went off. When nearly half the country’s population can’t lead normal lives, I’d definitely say the Palestinians are a threat.


    • Oh, and btw, the Israeli left was in power from 1948 to 1977. Since then, the government has been alternating between left and right. Both right and left see Rabin’s assassination in 1995 as a dark stain on our history.
      As for the Israeli Arabs, they have the exact same rights as Jews by law. Naturally, there is a lot of mutual distrust, but they are definitely not second class citizens.


      • The ideological divide between the Israeli left and the Israeli right is today more than ever. And a lot of people in other countries also have equal rights legally… doesn’t mean they are actually applied. And it doesn’t mean that the Israeli power, obviously in its absolute majority Jewish, isn’t also anti those Arab Israelis.


    • 1 – Even I – and all my so-called Lebanese traitorness – can see that there’s a siege in Gaza. Israel has control over their water space, air space and Egypt has recently opened their part of the border after much pressure. But they still don’t let Palestinians have free access. The entirety of Palestine is occupied. Even the West Bank – or whatever pieces they still have of that – is occupied and they barely get a say in it. For reference, here you go: “The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger.”

      2 – The number of children killed from 2000 till now from the Palestinian side is North of 2000. The number of children killed from the Israeli side is slightly north of 100. The ratio is even worse than 12:1. Factor in all those “precision” killings you’re talking about and the ratio becomes even more skewed. 3 Israelis died on Friday – more than 10 times Palestinians have died in the same period. If that’s not eye-opening for anyone, I don’t know what is. And you talk about crimes – is the killing of all those children not a crime as well?

      3 – The Israelis are disrupting the lives of Palestinians every single day because, as you said, you are enemies. I don’t see how what goes on them can’t go on you… and it applies on you in much less severity. You’ve been called to a bomb shelter once. How many times have they been called to their bomb shelters? The comparison between disrupting your lives and disrupting theirs is laughable to me… and I am one who couldn’t care less about both sides of the fight. But some things need to be said.


      • Israeli Arabs might not be discriminated de jure and I am willing to defend that an Arab in say Jaffa has more rights and freedoms than Arabs in most Arab countries. However, de fact discrimination is a totally different issue. I am talking about job oppertunities, society’s image of Israeli Arabs, and limited financial accolations for funding of Israeli Arab localities. Even the Druze and Circassians are complaining about the latter and they are the most loyal minorities imagineable. The failure to succesfully integrate the Arab minority will be a major issues, much bigger than Arab rockets or their (general lack of) fighting capabilities. And when a great portion of society says they do not even wish to live next to Arabs (the Arabs are just as bad), this is not how one looks at equal class citizens.

        This argument about how Israel treats its minorities has no place here. First of all you are not telling the whole story, second of all you shouldn’t compare Israel to Arab dictatorships to feel good. I have lived in Israel and I have been to Arab localities. You cannot say there are no issues just because the law says they are equal.

        I sympathize with the Israeli people’s desire to live in a world without security fears, but please, there will not be total security without a comprehensive agreement with the Palestinian people. The creation of a viable independent state of Palestine next to Israel is the only road to security and moral righteousness. But I must say, I doubt many Arab and particularly Palestinian leaders actually want a viable state for it would rob them of the status quo they are profiting from.


      • Elie, I’m surprised that you, as an Arabic speaker, are buying into the Hamas’s propaganda and lies. The other day they were showing video ‘footage’ of death and destruction in Tel Aviv and they even claimed to have bombed the Knesset. To clear things up, I live near the Knesset, and I can vouch for it to still be standing. My friends can vouch for Tel Aviv. So why do you believe it when they claim Israel killed whatever number of civilians they claim we killed? The latest I heard (yesterday, I think) Israel had killed only 19 Palestinians, almost all of them Hamas activists. You’d think that if Israel was the big evil monster we’re made out to be, we’d have killed way more after over 1000 precision air strikes.
        On the other hand, the three, no make that four people killed on Friday (there was an unborn baby as well) were all civilians, and they were targeted because they are civilians. The residents of an apartment building who escaped death this morning in Ashkelon were all civilians.
        As for the sirens and disruptions- the Palestinian civilians in Gaza do not have to run to bomb shelters, because they are not being targeted. If they stay away from Hamas activists who are using them as human shields they will be safe. You may think this is harsh: I wish death to any Hamas activist who is involved in firing missiles and sending suicide bombers to kill me and my family and friends. But I wish peace and prosperity to any Palestinian who is willing to live with me in peace and accept that Israel is my home and this is where I shall stay.
        As for the siege in Gaza, you know as well as I do that the siege is meant to prevent heavy weaponry from entering Gaza after Hamas took control, so that it will not later be pointed at us. The claim that Gazans cannot go across the border into Israel is ridiculous, because that is how it should be. You can’t come into Israel just as I can’t go to Lebanon. Why would Gazans be able to enter Israel?? As for the food article, I haven’t heard of Assad’s forces allowing supplies to reach the rebels in Syria. Israel imposed the siege in order to put pressure on Hamas, the fact that we supply them with food, water and electricity, even though we are at war is astounding. And as we both know, they have other ways of getting supplies- through Egypt + the 1200 tunnels.

        As for the political situation in Israel, you seem to be out of date. The Left is definitely on the decline (at least, so say the polls), but they still control three of the four largest daily newspapers (Yediot Ahronot, Haaretz and Maariv, which was recently sold due to lack of readership), most of the supreme court justices are from the Left, almost all of the televised media is Leftist. So your description of a downtrodden left is quite overstated.

        As for the Israeli Arabs, Daniel stated quite rightly that although there is equality by law, there are a lot of problems, which I quite agree with him are disgraceful. There is a lot of suspicion and a lot of prejudice on both sides, which is not surprising, under the circumstances. Actually, I would have expected it to be far worse. As a mental exercise I’d suggest imagining what Syria will look like in 60 years. Will Alawites and Sunnis be equals? will they trust each other? will they intermarry? will they be able to work together? I doubt it.
        Sadly, I can only speak for myself, but I believe in equal rights for Israeli Arabs. If we are to live together, that is how it must be and I will do all I can so that it is in practice as well as in theory.


        • I don’t get what me speaking Arabic has to do with it. I also do not read up on Hamas-related news so I’m not carried by their rhetoric nor do I follow their propaganda.
          However, I do look at different sources for my data in order to base my opinion, especially when I have no personal investment in the matter.

          The amount of Palestinians that died so far, according to most reports, is 65. This compares to how many Israelis? Are all those Palestinians Hamas “terrorists?”
          Let’s give another example. Over 1500 were killed in the July 2006 war in the Lebanese side. A third of those were women and children – are they Hezbollah “terrorists” too?
          The problem is you don’t see that your army commits atrocities everywhere while I do. I also see Hamas doing crappy stuff here and there and I have no problem in saying that – but I see both sides and in this matter, there’s such a drastic difference in abilities and potential for destruction and instilling “insecurity” that even arguing about it is nonsensical.

          I’m also quite surprised that you don’t acknowledge a siege that almost everyone knows exists. I think that’s just delusional, no matter how you spin it. The comparison between Assad and the Israel-Palestine situation is also very unfounded.


  4. Hi Elie, interesting article. Although, I have different opinions on something you said:

    “Over 1500 were killed in the July 2006 war in the Lebanese side” – as far as I remember, you started that war. Once you start a war, you cannot dictate its price. Expecting population loss numbers similar to the enemy’s is delusional – are you saying that the U.S. has to lose similar numbers of citizens as Al-Qaeda?


    • So you’re inferring that civilian casualties because of Hamas, which I’m sure you believe started this, are warranted because they started it? I’m not expecting similar numbers. I was just showing him how Israel doesn’t ONLY target enemy militants. Either way, yeah we started that war – and by all accounts we won it. But you can’t also ignore the fact that Israel was more than willing and waiting for such a provocation to happen.


      • Under the same logic you can say that the U.S. was just waiting for September 11 to happen in order to invade Iraq again. Is that what you’re saying?


      • I agree 🙂
        It goes for other Western countries as well. I don’t think Israel is looking for fights, democratically elected governments do not have mandate for such a behavior.


        • The US was looking for the Iraq fight. You can’t deny that some Western countries have their eyes set on influences beyond their border. Same thing goes to Israel and their thirst for Lebanese water sources to say the least.


      • I don’t think they changed the course of any river. Did they?
        Water problems in the ME are a big thing, just watch Egypt and its neighbors, Turkey and Syria, Syria and Lebanon, just to name a few… BTW, Israel is transferring to Jordan a huge volume of water on a regular basis.


  5. I don’t know if this makes me a realist or a pessimist, but I think every word you said describes the situation perfectly. As a Palestinian refugee, I get annoyed every time someone says “InshAllah btirga3 shi yom”; gives the false hope that everything will be fine when it won’t be anytime soon.
    Oh well, we continue to wait…

    PS. Absolutely love your blog and your entries so keep ’em comin’ 🙂



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