Ziad el Rahbani Concert in Lebanon Next Week

For Ziad el Rahbani lovers, he’ll be holding a concert next week on December 20th and 21st. The event was just announced.

Ziad el Rahbani Concert Lebanon

Nothing was announced regarding where “les artistes” fit into the whole equation. Ticket prices are $40, $60 and $90. They include an open buffet and 2 drinks. (Thanks to @_Evention for the tip).  Tickets will be sold at Al-Akhbar, Boueiry Press in Kaslik and Maarouf Saad Cultural Center in Saida starting Monday.

Cue people freaking out in 3..2…

My favorite Ziad el Rahbani song is probably “Bala Wala Shi.” He has also written my favorite Fairuz song “Kifak Enta.” Yes, I may not be a fan but I am not completely ignorant.


4 thoughts on “Ziad el Rahbani Concert in Lebanon Next Week

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