Ziad el Rahbani’s Concert: A Failure?

Ziad el Rahbani Concert Lebanon

Many of my friends went to Ziad el Rahbani’s concert yesterday and all of them had not very nice things to say about it.

Apparently the seating arrangement was a mess. Those who paid for the $40 tickets got much better seats than those who paid for $60. Some of those who paid for the pricier tickets couldn’t even see the performers.

The organization of the event was all over the place. Ziad el Rahbani and his artists were more than 90 minutes late to the concert. And to top things off, the concert itself wasn’t impressive: Ziad sang a couple of phrases in the whole concert. His artists sang the entire setlist.

I personally don’t have time to go nor am I that big of a fan. However, I would expect the artist in question and the event organizers not to take everyone who’s attending for granted and handle things much better than they did.

Two concerts remain – hopefully they’ll be better for those who can’t wait to see him. For those who couldn’t go, it looks like you’re not missing out on much, except on a serious test to your anger management.

2 thoughts on “Ziad el Rahbani’s Concert: A Failure?

  1. With all due respect to everyone’s opinion …
    Ziad Rahbani’s concert yesterday, was not of the people’s expectation. True!
    but the concert is “Ziad Rahbany & Lest Artistes”
    so it was very clear that he is not the only one performing. the artists that showed up had good appearances, too much of the brazilian singer, i admit ….
    but Ziad, is simply Ziad… this is him, and he showed us through this concert, the music he likes.
    he likes the music he had performed, eventhough few are his. so maybe we should be grateful he shared with us what he loves.

    concerning the seating, yeah it was a mess. and why Event Hill !!!
    and waiting 90 minutes for the show to start – that was trully too much….

    anyway! i personally loved the concert. people who got mad, maybe you should take off your chest a bit, relax and seriously enjoy what you are attending. it is totally NOT a test to your anger management.


  2. I attended the second concert yesterday on December 21st, yes seating was a bit unorganized and we didn’t wait as much the show started around 10, the atmosphere was nice and light everyone enjoyed the music and the shows the artists and Ziad presented. Ziad was Ziad.

    But I have a take on the parking people: when you get to the bottom of the “Le Royale” road you see a guy holding a sign written on it “ Event hill concert parking” and pointing to a parking right behind the “Total” gas station. Everyone went in and we parked our cars ourselves, we were not given parking tickets by valets since there weren’t any. 3 shuttles mini buses were picking people up back and forth, to the place. Now on the way back as we were taking our cars a guy was standing blocking the road demanding 5 dollars parking without even giving us a receipt. Who’s the company behind this? We don’t know.

    WTF!!! The valet parking in the biggest restaurant or hotel in Lebanon (as in a guy brings your car to you, and not we bring our own car) charges 7,000 L.L
    A lot of people argued with him and I heard that a lot left without paying him or just paying 5,000 L.L.

    This was purely a rip off and hopefully someone can get to the bottom of this, some people behind it took advantage of an event to make a dishonest buck!



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