Homosexuals Not Allowed To Enter Lebanon?

Our minister of interior Marwan Charbel, also known as the gift that keeps on giving, issued a statement on the matter:

Marwan Charbel Homosexuality Lebanon

Picture via Facebook

The above statement hasn’t been altered. It’s what the minister said verbatim (link). “Lebanon is against gays,” he said. “The Lebanese law considers them a felony and I wonder if after France allowed same-sex marriages, we allow them to enter Lebanon?”

Beware gay people, Lebanon will enforce some new airport regulations to ban homosexuals entry to its land. Lebanon is a no-gay zone, according to Marwan Charbel that is.

The statement will resonate with all the people who approve of what the mayor of Dekwane did (link), the people who will applaud Marwan Charbel for “protecting their families,” the people who are busy putting up posters such as this around their towns:

Picture via Stop Cultural Terrorism in Lebanon's Facebook page

Picture via Stop Cultural Terrorism in Lebanon’s Facebook page

Lebanon, the country with entrenched homophobia, isn’t changing anytime soon.

PS: Mr. Charbel, your radar may have missed several hundred thousand individuals of the Lebanese population.


31 thoughts on “Homosexuals Not Allowed To Enter Lebanon?

  1. Thank you Marwan Charbel and municipality of Dekwene for fighting immorality. The word “homophobic” is a made-up word to try to force everyone to accept gay marriage or gay actions in fear of being accused of being hateful.

    • Yes, you are right, of all the problems we have in the country, we would like to thank Marwan Charbel for the brave move of telling people what to do in their own beds and with their bodies. What you do in your bed is society’s business. That’s how it works in this country. Thank you Marwan Charbel for making me feel protected as a citizen, because homosexuals steal and kill and lie. They also terrorize people. Ah by the way, what happened to all those who actually stole and killed and terrorized fellow citizens? Why was the army watching? Nonetheless, bravo Minister Charbel, you are our moral police, you tell people that love is not important, and what is important is you taking photos with Al Assir. An illegal rebel who walks freely around with an M16.
      Homosexuals are the problem, becuase if it weren’t for them, all those terrorists wouldn’t have existed in the first place. Shame on all those who mind their own business, in their own beds! Shame shame shame! 😉

    • 90% of our people are gay? Don’t assume, just because we have homosexuals doesn’t mean 90% is. It is sad that you think you don’t have gays were you are from? sorry to tell you, but “as far as you know” you know absolutely nothing! look at were you come from and look closely at your people.

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  3. It is extremely stupid! Since when all the problems we have with terrorists and armed militias are because of gay people. I think that our politicians should very much re-assess their acts of corruption and twisted politics rather than dictate on people sexual orientations. I have homosexual friends who are smarter, much more ethical, and definitely a lot moral than these politicians. Blocking tourists from entering Lebanon because they’re gay is shortsightedness, what would be a wiser solution would be monitoring the borders with Syria and tightening security measures in Lebanon against terrorists. As far as I am concerned the 1975 civil war was not triggered by gays! Stop claiming that we are a pious religious community because we are not. This is simply a cover…there is a lot going on in Lebanon a lot more than you think. Closing a club or arresting a harmless guy because he was kissing another guy is not the end of it. Remember more oppression leads to more deviance! Oh and btw. how does that make us less retarded than Saudi Arabia when it deported a few young men for being too handsome? Aren’t we doing the same thing, preventing someone from entering the country because he looks probably more matrosexual than an average dude?

  4. I feel sorry for people who are lying to themselves … I feel sorry because if being stupid would hurt, the mayor of Dekwaneh and the minister marwan charbel would have been in intensive care !
    People ! wake up ! stop lying .. because you Either are the biggest liar, or the most stupid person i have ever faced ! ..

  5. Stop being to dramatic about it! Homosexuality is wrong! god created Adam and Eve not Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve! there is no excuse for homosexuality, not religiously nor scientifically! its just a simple mistake parents do while raising their children! for guys to be giving or receiving from guys, did you bother checking what dangers there is in that action? same to girls, did you mind checking? check unbiased sources, don’t go checking from Gay abiding websites or sources. do go to a well educated doctor and ask, this phenomenon is only going to bring illnesses and societal corruption to Lebanon.

    • Ok, first their is no Adam and Eve. The church admitted it, and evolution shows it. Their never was a first let’s say two human beings..Adam and Eve that are our oldest ancestors. So either research about that or don’t state as a fact in your post please.

      Then, let’s speak about homosexuality in religious means. Christianity disapproves and considers it as man rebelling against God. You can find several verses in the bible which states it as being a sin. If you need references let me know. Islam is against it as well.
      And, while I don’t agree with the notion of letting religion decide upon which morals you decide to live by, but their are people who are like that. Who blindly follow what is instructed into their brain without questioning it. So, alright.

      Then, you speak scientifically. Do you have any evidence to your claims?!Do you?What do you mean by “their is no excuse” anyway? Should two people who love each other have an “excuse” to live with each other. I swear sometimes people just take up opinions so that they can feel superior or something. I have really no other explanation for that. Or just can’t accept anyone who is different from them.

      I’ll speak first of homosexuality and gay marriage. Whether it is unnatural or not. It is non of our .. . If they wish to live together and take it from the behind then what’s your concern with it. Really?Just tell me. How does that influence you in any way?
      Further, I’ll say that scientifically biologists have found many animals to exhibit homosexual behavior. And, we may be similar as well.

      • Listen lets put it a dot to the statement. homosexuality is nothing that I can decide whether I want it to exist or not. It is there and there is no way around it. I truly believe that it is wrong and I am sorry if that upsets you but that is what I believe. I am surrounded by homosexuals and I do not and will not approve of homosexuality. BUT i would never go poking their peace as long as they stay in their corner and I stay in mine. in the matter of dikwene you have to respect the fact that it is a Maronite christian area. the people there are religious and as you said above religion forbids homosexuality, as you would like us to respect your homosexuality, we would like you to respect our religion. our religious areas are to be respected for it holly-ness and people of that area are free to protect it as they wish. Its a simple matter of respecting ones space.

        “Further, I’ll say that scientifically biologists have found many animals to exhibit homosexual behavior. And, we may be similar as well.” Can you please explain to me one thing, why are we different than animals? what make us superior to animals? the ability to think, and know what is right and what is wrong. logic is a basic tool that we must use. you cant plug a positive charge into positive and a negative into negative, life was designed in a manner that + goes to – and vice versa. changing what the world was based on would only create deformed communities.

        • Speaking from a biology background here, and let me tell you a couple of things.

          One, we are not superior to animals and will never be. It’s just that we are a bit higher up the food chain and that’s that.

          Two, most of the “animals” shown to exhibit homosexual behaviour are either mammals or birds. We ourselves are mammals and we share more features with other mammals than any scientist cares to admit (because if we do admit to that fact, everyone would see why we aren’t superior to animals as I said in point one above).

          Three, and this is partially in reply to William as well, the growing number of proofs that homosexual behaviour is innate to one’s character, as much biologically as it is psychologically, are not only restricted to animal cases. Hundreds of molecular biology research papers are being published on the matter and we are now closer than ever to finally proving that homosexuality is in fact biological and, hence, a normal, indistinguishable and non-separable aspect of a person as is his/her height, hair type/colour, eye colour, susceptibility to certain diseases etc ….

        • Wait a second!So now their are designated areas for certain religious groups. Well, my my this country has become worse than I ever imagined. If they think it’s a sin it’s is their business. Pushing their beliefs on someone else is something they are not supposed to do. Imagine if the world is ran by the people with religious beliefs. What a horrible place it would be. You cannot create laws because you’re religious says so. I know were not the most secular state but oh well…

          Oh, and as photography stated. We’re really close to proving homosexuality is indeed innate. Since, you’re speaking of morals. The ability to do right and wrong. Then tell me what are those people doing “wrong” sir? They are people who love each other, want to live together and well sexually please each other. I’m pretty sure a guy doesn’t decide to take it in the ass just because he wants to be a rebel (excuse my language). Then again, you throw some more pretentious stuff at me like “Life was designed in a matter, and that’s the way it goes”. First, I told you that homosexuality is found in nature!It is there whether you like it or not so accept it!:P And number two, when you discuss morals and say “if we do something wrong, then it would create a deformed society”, you need elaborate on it. You can’t just state it and go on. You have yet to explain to me why homosexuality is bad for humanity. I’ve told why it isn’t “wrong” in natural means.

          Oh, and I’m not upset. If anything I’m hopefully about this discussion since at least you seem to be replying. 🙂


    • Were you nurtured with such great quantity of stupdity or are you deliberately obtuse?

      You find it normal a government intervenes in the loving relationship of two consenting adults?

      Also, no god created Adam and Eve, there were not two people on earth whose offspring then multiplied through incest. It’s an allegory story at best, do you think stories made by ancient Israelites are the best source for arguments in the 21st century? Although some incompetent d*ck of a government official telling an entire sexual orientation they are not welcome actually does do your argument a great favor: the birth defects due to incest are obvious with regards to such an individual.

      • if you were to think that I was nurtured with “such quantity of stupidity” I feel sorry for you daniel. Its always a good thing to be open minded not shit headed! Do read my above comment, not at any point did I say i believe in government intervention in people’s lives, nor did I approve it . actually thats mainly why I left Lebanon, but what the PM did in that issue was give the society their what they asked for. I believe that is what is the right thing to do. just like in any islamic country alcohol is not permitted, but why dont we rebel against them! I like to drink and party, but I live in a country that doesnt allow me drinking in public, therefore I drink in allowed places, were I know my drinking or partying wont disturb others, rather it will give me what I want and give them what they want. that is what you call civilization and harmonious living. It’s about time the people in Lebanon start living like that. respect your neighbor, respect cultures and believes and behing your closed doors you can do what ever you would like.

    • Ok! FYI according to science God doesn’t exist and there was no Adam and Eve. Therefore your whole argument doesn’t stand and should be retracted 😉 (This is how we do in science by the way) Homosexuality have been around for ages and yet the human species didn’t go extinct 😉
      Nothing is wrong with homosexuality it is a different way of making love or having an orgasm! No one ever died from it.
      However something is wrong with you because you think that all the people that are not like you, are wrong!

    • I’m a doctor and I’m gay. Just to state some facts, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) in 1973!!! (DSM is the bible of psychiatrists).
      Second, in 2011, the United Nations passed a resolution recognizing the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, which recognizes Gay Rights As Human Rights.
      So scientifically and morally, you just cannot lock the closet in the face of other Human Beings. Lebanese people need to evolve, we need to catch up on the rest of the world, we are getting more far in all aspects

  6. I’m gonna have to say I actually enjoyed the discussion on the matter. You have stated some points that actually did enlighten me. Thank you all, and I hope no one felt insulted, it was a nice discussion. We all just hope that one day our Lebanon would be a country were all will live single handed together.

  7. If we accepted everything scientifically, we’d all be dead. This is why when wild animals charge and attack us we kill them. When volcanoes erupt we evacuate.

    In other words, if homosexuality doesn’t harm us, it is not a problem. But it is ugly to watch. The majority of the world is not gay, the majority on planet earth are straight, which is why we don’t really mind to see a guy kiss a girl publicly. but when i see a guy kiss another guy i am disgusted. its not like i hate homosexuals i just prefer not to see them around me. its kind of like a club or a bar, depending on the music or the crowd i will chose accordingly where i want to go, because of my preferred type of music. When the radio plays, I can assume the type of music I will be listening to based on the station i put. Gay people should find their own bars and find their own station where they can play their own music and not bother others. Lebanon is a religious station, don’t tune in expecting to hear gayness. Go elsewhere.


  8. One more reason to incorporate the backwards Middle Eastern country into the westernized state of Israel. Western values will provail. Ashamed to say I was born in Lebanon.


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