When Your Facebook Account Is News Material: Lebanon’s “First” Same-Sex Marriage Is Anything But

Georges-Massaad Gay Marriage Lebanon

A few hours ago, the name Georges Massad meant nothing to the Lebanese populace. In the coming days, because we have nothing else to do, watch as he becomes the most discussed figure – save for an unlikely president – in the country. Why so? Because his Facebook account was news-material for local services who have nothing better to do than stalk profiles.

Georges Massad married his partner in a same-sex marriage ceremony in the United States. He posted wedding pictures on Facebook. His wedding is now Lebanese news. This isn’t the first time our personal and private Facebook accounts become the source for Lebanon’s news cycle.

A few months ago, an unknowing teenager found himself in deep trouble because of pictures he had posted to his Facebook account four years ago. You probably don’t remember him by name but Ali Itawi’s picture became a matter of national Christian dignity when the president decided to put pressure into throwing the young adult in jail after he posted pictures of him kissing the Virgin Mary. Regardless of whether what Itawi did is acceptable or not, what’s unacceptable either way is the fact that we have news services who have nothing better to do in this country than to stalk all of us and turn our private lives into their own income source.

This is unacceptable. Make sure you look at what you posted on Facebook back in 2007 because it can and it will be used against you in the court of public opinion.

I highly doubt Georges Massad wanted his private affair to become a source of Lebanese discussion. He probably shared his pictures so whichever family members and friends he has who accept him for who he is could see how happy he was that day and how glad he was to share his life with someone he loved.

Guess again. That private matter will now become the “it” news of Lebanon. Can you believe it? Lebanon has had its first gay person get married! Should we be outraged? Should we worry for our children’s future? Should we panic about what this means to our national values? Should we pretend to be civil and open a discussion about the matter?

George Massad’s marriage is being advertised as the first “announced” same-sex marriage of a Lebanese. This is far from the case. Posting  a picture on Facebook does not mean you are announcing your marriage on a national level. It’s anything but. If our news services actually dig deeper, they’ll find a lot of Lebanese who are living abroad who have tied the knot with their partners. Many of us even know people who have done so. Why don’t we make a big deal out of it? Because it’s none of our business.

I’d understand the news fervor if Lebanon had its first same-sex marriage in Lebanon, if ever. But a Lebanese man marrying an American man in the United States reflects on us how? How is it even important enough to be the “it” news of the day? I guess that’s what happens when we latch to the word “Lebanese” wherever it falls and believe it gives a higher sense of importance to whatever comes after it.

Congrats to Georges and his partner. Sorry in advance for the upcoming circus.

16 thoughts on “When Your Facebook Account Is News Material: Lebanon’s “First” Same-Sex Marriage Is Anything But

  1. I am a gay Lebanese-American, and though I am not married, my brother (who is also gay) is getting married next month, and our Gay Lebanese-American cousin is getting married in the fall. And one of the men leading the fight for Same-sex marriage in the American state of Utah is from Lebanon.


    • author only wants the news to respect the privacy of the “sha3b”

      i dont think it`s normal but who are we to judge? it is their life and they have the right to do whatever the fuck they want with it. afterall we are all humans on the inside


      • you don’t judge something that could be right for someone and wrong for someone else,but this is wrong from birth, im not judging what im saying is that its unacceptable to accept and congratulate on such things,im not saying that we should curse but we should not accept


        • how is this wrong from birth? a person being gay doesnt affect you or me or ANYONE else. their choice only affects them.
          why should we not accept people being gay? arent they humans like you and me and everyone else afterall?

          anyway, this article isnt about whether being a gay is “right” or “Wrong”. it is about news not respecting the privacy of people


  2. He’s free to do whatever he wants , but he and everyone else should know that posting something on Facebook is the opposite of privacy. If he wants and cares so much about his private life he should’nt be posting it in Facebook.
    Congrats to him of course 🙂


  3. Well To be honest I didn’t hear about it until this was shared on Facebook and I was watching news all night last night… so it is kind of hypocritical to blame media on exposing private lives when you (if not beating them to the punch) giving the story more exposure… you don’t like what the media is doing… fine, either blog about the media and not a specific story or shut the heck up and don’t give it any more exposure



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