John Saad: The Lebanese Filth Whose Favorite Hobby Is To Kick Helpless Cats For Fun

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A few days ago, a video surfaced online of a man luring a poor kitten with some food before he proceeded to kick her across a ledge. With that disgusting excuse of a human being’s act being shared left and right and causing outrage that even our taxes did not cause, he decided he liked the attention, so he shared another video of him doing the same thing again, but this time he showed his face.

I will not share the videos. Someone like this abomination do not deserve any form of attention except to have their faces plastered across the blogosphere to show the world how disgusting their minds and behaviors are.

This man is John Saad. People like him are the embodiment of those in society who trample on those who are weaker than them in order to express their testosterone surges, thinking what they’re doing is a manifestation of them being all macho and powerful. What they don’t know is that this behavior shows them to be what they are: bullies, cowards, lifeless scumbags who should never be interacting with any living creature, apart from themselves, behind bars, somewhere deep and dark.

I’m ashamed to say this filth comes from the same region as me, Batroun. He was a Computer Sciences student at the University of Balamand before dropping out and leaving the university. According to officials there, he has also changed his contact information. Since being unveiled as the psychopath in the videos, John Saad has changed his name and accounts on social medias to someone named Toufic for fear of retribution, before deleting his social media accounts altogether, but he does not know that screenshots are there forever:

John Saad and people like him should be punished. He should not get away with what he’s doing in the slightest. He should be the example to those who think what he did was funny or who support what he did in order for them not to ever think of doing anything of the sort to a helpless creature ever in their lives.

It’s unfortunate that Lebanon does not have animal cruelty laws that could throw this filth in jail. If we were a modern country, this man would be serving years in jail, with a $10,000 fine at the minimum for doing what he did.

But until we feign modernity, which will never happen if we think its only manifestation is Beirut giving the world good food or some of our models doing sexy music videos, name and shame people like John Saad. Tfeh.


71 thoughts on “John Saad: The Lebanese Filth Whose Favorite Hobby Is To Kick Helpless Cats For Fun

  1. Thank you for writing about this incident. As you mentioned, the video shouldn’t have been posted, but maybe that helped identify him. This person must be found and helped because h
    e a danger to society.

  2. Since this filthy conscienceless person is identified by name.. Please report him and surrender him to authorities. If he doesn’t have a brain or heart to stop him from hurting helpless animals.. There’s no stopping him from hurting humans. He’s danger to society, throw him in confinement and have him be kicked repeatedly just like he kicked these poor cats.

  3. ya john ya mami, ta3metak el mama escalope w pepsi liom, w dachchetak ya majdoub.
    inta lezem y7outouk bi masa77 lianno 3andak mashekel nafsiyyeh men zigharak, w eza ma 2belet sadde2neh fi nes ktir bifaddlo y7attouk ma7all hal bsayneh w yshoutouk inta w kershak ya fedden ta terja3 3a kawkab el nawar yalli jit menno.

    baddak frites ma3 el escalope ya bayteh?

  4. You people are worse than animals. You perceive animals like cat or dogs the way western culture perceive cockroaches! And the best part is you go around telling people about religion and how to behave

    • alberto, for someone who shows a commendable empathy towards animals, you display a surprising lack of empathy with your fellow humans, as shown by your stupid comment rife with racism and silly generalizations… you and that psychopath in the article are not really any different deep down i am afraid

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  6. you make me sick for what you do i would like to come and kick your ass you deserve everything you get in life hopefully you will karma is a bitch and your going to get it asshole

  7. its a fucking cat!!! who gives a shit! you people are all bunch of fucking retards to be going crazy over something like this! seriously get a life you jobless idiots!

    • A “fucking cat” is a living being. If you think this is funny and you probably do the same shit, then you are a psychopath. You are whats wrong with society.

      Here are some facts for you:

      Facts About Animal Abusers:
      Animal abusers are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people.
      Many psychological, sociological and criminology studies in recent decades have clearly shown that violent offenders have adolescent histories of serious and repeated animal cruelty.
      The F.B.I. has analyzed the lives of serial killers and their findings suggest that most serial killers have killed or tortured animals as children. Further research has shown consistent patterns of animal cruelty among perpetrators of more common forms of abuse such as: child abuse, spouse abuse and elder abuse.
      FBI Supervisory Special Agent Allen Brantley was quoted as saying, “Animal cruelty is not a harmless venting of emotion in a healthy individual; This is a warning sign.” There are deep psychological issues that lead to violent crimes against people
      People who abuse animals rarely stop there. Many animal abusers move on to torturing and killing humans. It is critical that John Saad and people like him are severely punished. His punishment should be extreme enough to set a mind blowing example, so others do not ever consider behaving in this manner to any living creature.

      So with that said, someone should be monitoring you, cause you may just also become a criminal/murderer.

      Lets see how “hilarious” it is when you go down.

    • It’s a breathing, living being you fuck yard. The fact that you find this hilarious is sick. Actually all signs point to you being a sociopath, psychopath, domestic abuser, child abuser, and obvious animal abuser. You should be shot.

    • You’re a fucking wanker pal. Maybe you need your teeth kicked in. Go and join your mate John Saad you piece of shit!

    • I dont give a monkeys hairy clacker what race or colour or religion or idealology you are and i equally dont care whether he did it to a cat dog squirrel mouse whatever the fact remains HE DID IT ! If a human being can bring him / herself to carry out this sort of behaviour and has the basic knowledge that the action is going to cause immense pain and even death but still does it anyway im affraid thats not a mind i want walking the same streets as my daughter my son or my grandchildren….do some research… the fact is and a proven scientific fact that any one who can bring himself or herself to act out like this enjoy it see humour in it not pain and suffering
      ..then they are potentially capable of doing it to a human being its just a matter of time….for tjose of you that have mocked others for their compassion towards the animal in question making comments of … its just a fucking cat get over it ….. i hope this person does not evolve into a full nlown psycho and comes accross a baby you have fatherd and deems it funny to do the same with your babys head !!! Sounds savage ? It is ….. but again its a strong possibility and a pobability given the scientific facts to back up his behaviour … the best you can hope for this complete fucknuckle is a jail centence where he becomes the favorite of like minded 6ft 6 guy named Bubba in there who wants and will use his ass every day of his misserable centence the more he squeals the more exited Buba will get just like he did with the cat .

    • Yeah and you’re just a piece of shit loser and we have no use to people like you so called truth teller, so why don’t you go kill yourself and make this world a better place. Seriously, you’d make us all very happy if you’d just put a fuckin bullet in your brain.

    • it is a cat with a soul and cat feel the pain too , it could be a child instead , whoever do this to an animal will do even worse things to human being, right is right and wrong is wrong , don’t you fucking agree ?

  8. You are heartless sick bastered who deserve to be kicked around like a carbage bag asshole.
    Animals feel pain just like humans I hope to God one day soon you’ll feel the same pain and worse….

    • The cat is well now.
      This actually happened a few months back but just got to be known now.
      The cat went through a phase of shying away from all humans for some time and her owner’s couldn’t tell why as she was always the friendly cuddly type. Now she is back to her usual self and happy with her loving humans.

  9. Hey fuck face many people are after your worthless ass why don’t you come to my house and try that …Fucking worthless prick your day will come I promise you that …Come on you pathetic fucking bulky , come to my house …

  10. John is a filthy disgusting human being however let’s keep in mind that there are a lot of worse things than kicking a cat. We live in a country where our top politicians are war criminals and killed more people than you and I could imagine. We live in a country were an article such as the article 522 exists (google it). We live in a country where 1 in 4 lebanese live in poverty (UN).
    I am in no way defending John Saad; he should be in jail getting raped by inmates however, we, lebanese should focus on more important matters.

  11. John saad all I know is your day is comming cause that is what I ask for evil disusting human you are you are a oxygen thief and a coward if I everah saw I bet you can’t stand up to another human so you have to hurt a defenceless little animal coward useless brain dead evil human beware haha its comming

  12. Disgusting display of cruelty , those of you who think this is funny need to be deprived of walking the earth . It matters not if this is an animal you love or loathe all animals are sentient beings and the sooner we realize and start treating them according the word humanity means nothing.

  13. Can’t you all see the word queer fag written all over this individual, people prob pick on him and he takes it out on animals which I don’t approve of chop this dudes dick off!

  14. John saad cats’ KILLER

    Having no mercy whatsoever kicking two weak helpless cats, teasing them with a piece of bread, one of them was pragnant carrying in her wombs not less than 6_7 kittens, leading to their death as they have fallen from over the roof’s fence. Not only that, but the act was recorded by his friend’s mobile in an INTENTIONALLY act where laughter, entertainment and amusement was quite clear on both PIGS . These two pigs are highly dangerous for all humanity, teaching kids disgraceful acts, violence and being inhuman to helpless creatures. They should be sentenced severly with NO Mercy . They are pshypatic

  15. Please post john saad new identity on the net, so we can hound this bastard continuously. Let’s all go after this gutless prick, and teach him a lesson he won’t forget! I’ll go first!

  16. I hope and pray that this cretin is serverly punished and made an example of 😡 Not only is he an embarrassment to Lebanon but also to the human race …. if he is sick in the head he needs help if he is just pure Evil well he needs removing from society !

  17. Mate , get the fuck over it. Go report on something more uselful u fukn shit people. One he lives in a foreign country that you or anyone you know will never have any power with any law. Sexing why do u need to say Lebanese filth. Just shows me what type of shit lower breed reporter Is writing this article , maybe I should i come there and kick you in the head and your cat too.
    Do everyone a favour and Feed us news we actually give a fuck about. That’s happening in Australia.

    • Hey prick…we do give a fuck seeing a helpless animal being abused…what i dont give a fuck about is u or others like u ..if u dont give a fuck then dont read ..go search for what interests you…dont come here and write a stupid comment like urself …wimp

  18. Not judging all Lebanese but this is why most are known as “sleezy Lebanese” he is a disgrace to humanity and deserves to be badly punished!

    • We all talk about bullying and what not , my best mate name is john Saad and he’s been coping msgs all over social media of abuse from people for no reason.
      Random people killing his life.
      I’m a pet owner and 100% agree this bloke is Fukd. But we live in Australia and he’s overseas there is nothing we can do. It’s pointless.
      See where I’m coming from

  19. Such a big brave man ain’t he picking on poor defenceless animals. IF you want to be a brave man then join the Armed Forces and help combat ISIS . I am not violent but could quite easily give this man the same treatment he gives animals.

  20. I hope this bag of crap go to hell . He is just a fat fuck who doesn’t deserve to live.

  21. You fucken piece of maggot shit !!! You make people sick you sick Fuck . oh I’d love to fucken meet you !!! I’d kill you slowly fucken skinning you alive after I would pour hot oil on you then put a couple bullets in your fat fucken gut. And just sit back and have a cold one and watch you in agony like you do with abusing cats. You ain’t shit. You gotta pick on and abuse animals you fucken piece of shit. ROT in HELL you scum !!

  22. What a sick sick man! This poor innocent cat deserves justice and this man deserves to suffer for all the pain he has caused 😦 I’m ashamed to share the same world as people like this! Makes me so so sad! When are animals going to get a voice!!!

  23. Dirty fucking piece of third world, in bred, poor, peasant ridden scum. Ill pay anyone $1,000
    USD by bank transfer who posts a video of this guy having his head properly fucking kicked in or smashed in with a hammer!


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