John Saad: The Lebanese Filth Whose Favorite Hobby Is To Kick Helpless Cats For Fun

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A few days ago, a video surfaced online of a man luring a poor kitten with some food before he proceeded to kick her across a ledge. With that disgusting excuse of a human being’s act being shared left and right and causing outrage that even our taxes did not cause, he decided he liked the attention, so he shared another video of him doing the same thing again, but this time he showed his face.

I will not share the videos. Someone like this abomination do not deserve any form of attention except to have their faces plastered across the blogosphere to show the world how disgusting their minds and behaviors are.

This man is John Saad. People like him are the embodiment of those in society who trample on those who are weaker than them in order to express their testosterone surges, thinking what they’re doing is a manifestation of them being all macho and powerful. What they don’t know is that this behavior shows them to be what they are: bullies, cowards, lifeless scumbags who should never be interacting with any living creature, apart from themselves, behind bars, somewhere deep and dark.

I’m ashamed to say this filth comes from the same region as me, Batroun. He was a Computer Sciences student at the University of Balamand before dropping out and leaving the university. According to officials there, he has also changed his contact information. Since being unveiled as the psychopath in the videos, John Saad has changed his name and accounts on social medias to someone named Toufic for fear of retribution, before deleting his social media accounts altogether, but he does not know that screenshots are there forever:

John Saad and people like him should be punished. He should not get away with what he’s doing in the slightest. He should be the example to those who think what he did was funny or who support what he did in order for them not to ever think of doing anything of the sort to a helpless creature ever in their lives.

It’s unfortunate that Lebanon does not have animal cruelty laws that could throw this filth in jail. If we were a modern country, this man would be serving years in jail, with a $10,000 fine at the minimum for doing what he did.

But until we feign modernity, which will never happen if we think its only manifestation is Beirut giving the world good food or some of our models doing sexy music videos, name and shame people like John Saad. Tfeh.


98 thoughts on “John Saad: The Lebanese Filth Whose Favorite Hobby Is To Kick Helpless Cats For Fun

  1. Don,t you all worries, He is probably here in Sweden with all the other shitholes 😦 😦 Otherwise I will hunt this ashole down and make him sorry that he still is alive.

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  2. Find him and nail him to a cross and BURN HIM ALIVE! Trash like him don’t deserve to breath clean oxygen! Filth like him are the REASON we don’t want open borders and the innocent are suffering because of this piece of SHIT! If you are reading this YOU ARE NOTHING! YOU ARE WORTHLESS! YOU WILL DIE LIKE THE UNLOVABLE FILTH YOU ARE! NO ONE WANTS YOU SO DO SOCIETY A FAVOUR AND JUST DIE!!!!


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  5. Solution seems simple.

    Get a few boys round and kick the fuck out of him. Make sure he understands that next time it’s terminal.
    Hard to imagine that the authorities would make much effort to protect the fucker.

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  6. This jerk deserves bad karma to ruin his life! Anyone who gets pleasure from being mean to cats or any animals is the lowest of the low. All the cats hurt by this scumbag deserve justice!

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  7. Wherever this sack of flesh lives, he can be found. No matter his “new” name, he will always be evil. I hope Karma arrives at his hidey-hole, starves him, dangles manna from the gods in front of him, then kicks him with spiked, steel-toed boots, ruptures important internal organs, mangles his hands and feet, and leaves him to rot in his own filth. If he survives, I hope he will never be able to care for himself without relying on the kindness of others and I thusly hope no one is ever kind. This monster deserves to lose every pleasure he has ever had or might ever experience.


  8. This is beyond PATHETIC. This head case looks like he would enjoy doing this! Yeah that’s right kick innocent cats ( for fun) you sick bastard. I pray that one day you become the innocent cats and someone beats the living shit out of you day in and day out !! You are nothing more than a piece of shit. May you rot in hell !!



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