A New Job for the Lebanese Army: Guard Fast Food Restaurants

I’m not even kidding. Pictures are courtesy of the Daily Star.


Now this is not something you see everyday. “Would you like a riffle with your burger?”

As if the Lebanese Army doesn’t have enough on its plate. We now have to worry about a bunch of morons in religious heat acting out on franchises managed by local companies and hiring Lebanese workers.

Ah well…


When Companies Swap Logos

After all the seriousness of my previous few posts, which I’m sure bored a lot of you, it’s time to post something fun. And I recently ran across this and found it to be quite interesting.

Have you ever thought about how it would be if Pepsi and Coca-Cola swapped logos? Or if any of the world’s rival companies did so?

Well, no need to imagine that anymore. Here are pictures that will show you.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola:

McDonald’s and Burger king:

Ferrari and Ford:

Fedex and UPS:

Google and Yahoo:

Audi and BMW:

Visa and Mastercard:

Skype and Google Talk:

iPhone and Android:

Nike and Puma:

Twitter and Facebook: