A New Job for the Lebanese Army: Guard Fast Food Restaurants

I’m not even kidding. Pictures are courtesy of the Daily Star.


Now this is not something you see everyday. “Would you like a riffle with your burger?”

As if the Lebanese Army doesn’t have enough on its plate. We now have to worry about a bunch of morons in religious heat acting out on franchises managed by local companies and hiring Lebanese workers.

Ah well…


Pictures From the Burning Down of KFC in Tripoli, Lebanon

Those damn chicks! I knew they had something to do with that anti-Islam movie. But it seems the burning down of KFC in Tripoli wasn’t only aimed at the anti-Islam movie (even writing this sentence sounds funny) but also against the Pope’s visit to Lebanon. Some protesters were apparently overheard saying: “We don’t want the Pope” after some billboards welcoming the Pope had been torn off across the city.

Because, you know, f*ck logic. Of course, certain people from certain political affiliations will whore this around as “clear” evidence about Tripoli being full of Islamists and extremists who want nothing but to terrorize Christians in the country and as such you should vote for those in the opposite side of the country because we can’t but drip in hypocrisy.

But I digress. Here are some pictures taken by the Huffington Post. Such an honor to have made an international splash this way.



Meanwhile, 60km away but seemingly in a different country: