Feeling Concerned in Lebanon About The French Elections? You Shouldn’t? Well, Why Not?

The French presidential debate between Hollande and Sarkozy took place yesterday and it was closely watched by many Lebanese enthusiasts who are interested in French and international politics.

As those Lebanese watched the three hour debate, myself included, others were saying all over social networks how “we were not concerned” with this, how we should “scan our French passport” with every tweet or Facebook status we updated and how we really have nothing to do with French politics to begin with. “Ktir 3eyshina, wlo!”

Those people asking us not to feel concerned are the almost the same group that preach about how Lebanon is a playground for superpowers and that we, as people, need to stop following either political sides of the country because one is a pawn for Iran-Syria while the other is a pawn for the United States-France-KSA.

How could you ask us not to feel concerned when you are willingly admitting that France has a substantial influence in Lebanon?

The way I see it, because Lebanon is a playground of superpowers, not feeling concerned is the incorrect way of handling things. But I wouldn’t judge you if you decided you didn’t want to be involved. Therefore, I would also like from you to extend me the courtesy and not make it seem like I’m a blinded g0-after-they-hype Lebanese.

I can’t vote? So what? Does that mean I don’t get to have an opinion that I can express? This whole mentality of us – Lebanese – not having a political horizon extending beyond the 10452km2 of our country needs to be abolished. Sometimes, foreign politics is way more interesting – and civilized.

How so? Well, watching these types of debates can only lead you to have a better understanding on how political life needs to be done in Lebanon. Did you notice how Sarkozy and Hollande, despite being subtly at each other’s throats, were very polite in dealing with each other? Did you notice how, after the debate ended, they both had had the exact same talk time?

Where do we see this here? Or don’t you remember the incidence when Moustafa Alloush and Fayez Shukr almost slit each other’s throats on national TV? Or how about Alain Aoun and Ahmad Fatfat during the most recent parliamentary sessions?

You don’t think French politics concerns you? Fine. Don’t take it out on those who disagree with you. A word of advice though, I’d stay clear out of social networks when the American elections roll around. If you thought we were too much with the French elections, the American one will be a bloodbath, figuratively of course.