Samsung Shamelessly Ripping Off Apple – Again

Despite being sued by Apple almost everywhere and them resisting, Samsung have apparently not learned from their lawyers who couldn’t differentiate between an iPad and a Galaxy Tab.
This time, for their MP3 player, they didn’t just copy the iPod Touch’s design, they also copied the ad that introduced the iTouch, even the folding of earphones around the iPod.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. So here you go:


Now Samsung needs to get their engineers & designers to put their their thinking caps on because this is getting ridiculous. While I will never dignify them by buying a product of theirs, they either need to acknowledge the fact that are uninspired and, therefore, stop churning out Galaxy products faster than rabbits breeding or they need to get a grip with their counter-lawsuits.


RIP Steve Jobs

The world lost one of its few visionaries a few hours ago.

Today, we bid farewell to Steve Jobs, the man who single handedly moved the technological world into the future with his inventions: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook…

Steven Spielberg has called Steve Jobs the “Thomas Edison of our times” and deservedly so. It’s very easy to imagine a world that didn’t have Steve Jobs – one where we’d all still be using phones with keypads that only serve their basic function, where our notebooks constantly crashed, where we didn’t feel inspired by a company ┬áto advance in our lives and where we were content with what we had.

It’s very easy to criticize Apple. But it’s also very easy to look at what Steve Jobs did for Apple and the world and be amazed by how talented this man was and how great his achievements are.

Today we bid farewell to Steve Jobs. But the chapter in our history and present that Steve Jobs has opened will not close anytime soon. It will live on – just like the legacy of this man. It will never die.

Steve Jobs has been through the hardships of life. He was born for an out of wedlock couple, in a time where such a thing was frowned upon. He was put up for adoption. He dropped out of college. And yet, for someone who has been through so much, he sure left his mark in the world.

RIP Steve Jobs. The world will miss you. Thank you for being the great man that you are. Thank you for changing the world.