Watch the Lebanon vs Uzbekistan World Cup Qualifier Football Game Online

I’m late to this but many are asking me for streaming links to watch the game. The score as of now stands at 1-1.

To watch the game, here’s a link for you (here).

If you tweet about the game, make sure you include the hashtag #GoLebanon.

And, well, for lack of better words: Go Lebanon!

Watch the Lebanon vs Qatar Football Game Online

For the many of you who want to watch the Lebanon vs Qatar World Cup qualifier football game and need an online link for that, I’ve found two for you.

Just click here and you’re set.

If you’re a Twitter user watching the game, make sure you add the hashtag #GoLebanon to your tweets.

Apart from that, good luck and go Lebanon!

Carrie Underwood’s Album Blown Away Available For Streaming on iTunes April 24th

After Carrie’s fan club announced an online listening party for members at 9 pm CT on Tuesday April 24th, a high ranking spokesperson for Arista Nashville confirmed to me that the album will be available for streaming on iTunes for everyone on April 24th, akin to the streaming option made available for The Fray as well as Coldplay’s latest albums.

My review, as well as the lyrics for all the songs on the album, will be published immediately after I get to listen to the album. You can check out my review of the lead single Good Girl here and the lyrics for Wine After Whiskey here, a song I correctly predicted would be on Blown Away.

Until then, here are the Blown Away-related news that we know for certain.

– The album is darker, evolutionary for Carrie and spans the gamut of styles. You can check out the track descriptions here.

– The second single is the title track Blown Away, as I confirmed here. The first line off Blown Away was also published by yours truly here.

This might be the reason music retailers haven’t released snippets of the album and why they didn’t do a promo singles release schedule (iTunes countdown). The wait has been cut down by one week. April 24th, here we go.