Watch the Lebanon vs Qatar Football Game Online

For the many of you who want to watch the Lebanon vs Qatar World Cup qualifier football game and need an online link for that, I’ve found two for you.

Just click here and you’re set.

If you’re a Twitter user watching the game, make sure you add the hashtag #GoLebanon to your tweets.

Apart from that, good luck and go Lebanon!

The Official UEFA Euro 2012 Song?

Update: this is not the official song. Armin Van Buuren just did an official video for it that’s Euro 2012-inspired. Shakira can still have a song be the official one :p

It’s not a Shakira song. Can you believe it?

Armin Van Buuren is delivering the official “song” for this year’s Euro 2012. It’s obviously trance and features one sentence, which is incidentally the song’s title, “We Are Here to Make Some Noise.”

I actually like it. It definitely serves as something that would get the crowds going.

As for me, I’ve got my jersey ready for next week. The flags will soon be taken out of storage. We are pumped for some football!

Yes, Forza Azzurri!

Lebanese Audiences Allowed to Attend World Cup Qualifier Lebanon VS Qatar Football Game

Looks like our government changes opinions quicker than a hormonal person. Could they change opinions again soon? Time will tell.

The Ministry of Interior & Municipalities has canceled yesterday’s decision to ban audiences from attending the Lebanon vs Qatar football game. They are now permitted to do so.

What caused this change of heart? I have no idea. But it looks like we don’t care now about the Qatari prince’s feelings. Why was that an issue in the first place, I have no idea. Blog Baladi believes it’s the Lebanese audience’s fault based on the way they behave in usual sports games. I totally disagree. It’s as if we’re the only sports fans whose excitement goes through the roof before games.

Quick question to any average Lebanese who would attend the game: do you know what the Qatari prince’s name is in order to curse him?

No? Thought so. Neither did I.

Either way, those who can should attend the game to root for our national team. The audience is an important player in such games, especially with players that are severely underpaid and under-appreciated. The Lebanese attendees of the South Korea vs Lebanon game made all the difference.

Good luck to Lebanon in the game against Qatar. Here’s hoping we win, despite it being a severe uphill climb.

Lebanese Audience Forbidden from World Cup Qualifier Lebanon vs Qatar Football Game on Sunday

Update: the audiences are now allowed to attend the game.

Blog Baladi & Plus 961 have all the details. Ticket sales have been rumored to be about 20,000 for the football game. Those people will be severly disappointed.

Why so? Because the government is worried about the crowds bad-mouthing the Qatari prince.

You know, while they’re at it, why not just ask the Lebanese national team to lose the game to Qatar? That would surely please the prince and not put “unnecessary” pressure on the relations of the two country.

Let me call this Lebanese fuckery of the day. Kello ella yez3al l amir l Qatari.

Lebanese Basketball Player Scores 113 Points in One Game – Makes US Headlines

NBA, MSN, AOL, Newsday you name it….

I haven’t watched Lebanese Basketball since Sagesse went down the drain – it’s just not that interesting anymore. But everyone is talking about how Mohammad El Akkari scored 113 points to lead his team, Mouttahed, to a win over Bejjeh on Wednesday. Out of those 113 points, 32 were 3-point shots – out of 59 attempts that is.

Akkari’s previous averages were 7.6 points a game. So I have no idea how he managed what he did. But according to sport experts, he’s the first person in a long, long time to manage over 100 points in a single basketball game. Call it impressive, call it fishy, at least he’s making the news rounds.






Good Luck Lebanon!

Update: For those asking how to watch the game online, you can use the LBC live stream link. Or this link in case LBC’s bandwidth dies.

Lebanon is playing the UAE today in a very crucial game on its way to qualify to the 2014 World Cup, to be held in Brazil.

After a surprising and very exciting win against South Korea last November, Lebanese football has gained great momentum with people and officials. You only need to look at any Lebanese’s Facebook timeline to see how enthusiastic everyone is about this game.

Lebanon needs to draw or win against UAE to advance to the next and final round where we’ll have to play eight extra games over the course of 2012 and 2013 in order to qualify. For a full analysis regarding the situation, check out this link.

As it stands, the ranking of all four teams in group B is as follows:

Wikipedia has everything

Even if we lose and Kuwait doesn’t win, we’d still advance. I’m not sure if we have an upper hand in any of our games. Don’t call me unpatriotic but I don’t want to be foolishly optimistic.

Either way, the Lebanese national football team has proven itself to be the little team that could. Hopefully its recent streak of victories will get sponsors to notice it more and start to splurge in giving it the proper equipment and training it needs to shine more than it is currently doing.

Good luck Lebanon. Let’s kick some Emirati as*!

Just an Egyptian Football Game


Egyptian football teams have taken their rivalry to a whole new level. In fact, this level that Egyptian football and sports has reached is probably new to mankind. Give it to the Egyptians, still breaking boundaries 4000 years later.

Except unlike the pyramids and other monuments the Egyptians can be proud of, this is something that is of such a magnitude you’d think it’s straight out of a horror movie.
Soon after Egyptian football team Al-Masry won over Al-Ahly (for the record, I had never heard of the former and only heard of the latter because of its constant rivalry with Al Zamalek), the supporters of the former invaded the stadium in celebrations. The fireworks they fired led to a massive fire.

Police were nowhere to be found – probably still busy checking women’s hymens in Tahrir. As a result, over 73 people died because of a football game. Some had been found with stab wounds, obviously murdered.

I am a fan of football but this is not football. This is not sports, this is not something you can politically explain, as some people had suggested as it being a remnant of the former Mubarak regime because, simply put, this will not change the dismal state of politics Egypt has gotten itself into. This is not something you can really describe and find any words to without sounding absolutely cliche.

I’m not sure what measures the current Egyptian authorities will undertake. But if it were me, I’d suspend the whole football premiere league, enforce sanctions on both teams and start hording people left and right in jail.

73 people dead…. One can simply summarize this in one phrase. Football excitement level: Egyptian.