A List Of Major World Leaders That Passed While Lebanon Has Nabih Berri


With the United States getting Trump *shivers* as their new president, and regardless of what one would think of the new administration (if you need help, it sucks), transition of power and changing politicians is a sign of a healthy democracy (at least until the new face of democracy cancels it out).

So to celebrate our version of democracy, I felt like putting the stagnation of the Lebanese political system in perspective with how the World Leaders have changed while Nabih Berri remained where he is.


5 presidents: George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump.


4 presidents: François Mitterand, Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, Francois Hollande.


5 PMs: John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Theresa May.


3 Chancellors: Helmut Kohl, Gerhard Shröder, Angela Merkel.


11 PMs: Giulio Andreotti, Giuliano Amato (2 non-consecutive terms), Carlo Ciampi, Silvio Berlusconi (3 non-consecutive terms, Lamberto Dini, Romano Prodi (2 non-consecutive terms), Massivo D’Alema, Mario Monti, Enrico Letta, Matteo Renzi, Paolo Gentiloni.


6 PMs: Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin, Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau.


6 PMs: Paul Keating, John Howard, Kevin Rudd (2 non-consecutive terms), Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, Malcom Turbull.


3 presidents: Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin (2 non-consecutive terms so far), Dmitry Medvedev.

And for fun – Lebanon:

4 presidents: Elias Hrawi, Emile Lahoud, Michel Sleiman, Michel Aoun.

8 PMs: Omar Karami (2 non-consecutive terms), Rafic Hariri (2 non-consecutive terms), Selim Hoss, Rachid Solh, Najib Miqati (2 non consecutive terms), Fouad Sanioura, Saad Hariri (2 non-consecutive terms), Tammam Salam.

I’m just saying.

Lebanese People and their Love of Hitler

No this is not about Najwa Karam. This is about all those that agree with Najwa Karam and they are many.

If you drive around Achrafieh, odds are you will stumble on this building with a full blown swastika on one of its facades. Perhaps it’s new, perhaps it isn’t. But what’s consistent is that there are many, many Lebanese who idolize Hitler.

And I have no freaking idea why.

You only need for Germany to have a football game for your Facebook timeline to be inundated with Hitler-loving statuses about how Germany will win. An example of that:

“The pepperoni kids will dance to the sound of Hitler’s canons tonight” – this was a Facebook status posted by a friend of mine when Germany was playing Italy at the 2012 Euro cup semi-final.

But it’s not all about football games. There’s a guy in my hometown, whose name I don’t even know, who wears a golden swastika around his neck. Its value would be more than $1000 today. And there’s even a jewelry shop which sold it or had it custom-made for him.

Moreover, just yesterday, I observed a fascinating twitter conversation between a renowned Lebanese blogger and other tweeps after the blogger professed his admiration for the dictator. The argument? He’s just a warlord like all of our Lebanese warlords. If you like Geagea, Berri or Jumblat, you can’t but like Hitler.

Flawless arguments aside, this is only for showcasing. But enough with that, let me ask a few questions.

  • Do Lebanese people like Hitler just because he killed Jews? In which case, do they know that he killed many non-German Christians too?
  • Do Lebanese people know that they would also be classed on a list of people to eradicate had Hitler had his way?
  • Do Lebanese people who admire Hitler for his charisma (such as Najwa Karam) actually know anything about Hitler apart from Hollywood-related movies?
  • Do Lebanese people who love Hitler know that the Germans have nothing but hate towards him?

The sad part is that we can fathom idolizing a criminal who killed millions upon millions of people and who was a main player in a full-blown World War just because we think it’s cool. When “Mein Kampf” is banned in many European countries, all of which have much more freedom than we do, you should realize that thinking that the mind behind that book and ideology isn’t someone you should be proud of, let alone consider as an inspiration in any way whatsoever.

But hey, we’re a country that’s so messed up when it comes to so many issues that liking Hitler becomes irrelevant. But something must be said. Enough with the silliness.



Watch the Italy vs Germany Euro 2012 Semi-Final Football Game Online

As the Euro 2012 tournament draws close to an end, the second and last semi-final game is here between football rivals Germany and Italy.

Germany haven’t beaten Italy since 1995 and they’ve never beaten them in competitive games. Ever. On the other hand, the Italians should be extremely tired after their 120 minute game against England in the quarter finals. The game is up in the air. As an Italy fan, it saddens me to predict a Germany win.

But a streak has got to end sometime, no?

Either way, here’s a link to watch the game online (here).


The Official UEFA Euro 2012 Song

Well, I wish it were that Armin Van Buuren song I told you about a few days ago because this one plain sucks. Even Shakira would have been better.

The song is by Oceana, a German singer, and it’s called “Endless Summer.”

And I absolutely hate it. I really hope it won’t go the “Waka Waka” route and get overplayed until my ears start bleeding.

Other than that, the Euro 2012 tournament starts in three days! 😀

Just some German Family Drama

The following actually happened. It’s straight out of a soap opera and it’s simply hilarious. It’s also very sad. In short, this picture is the life of two German couples – or six months of it:

At least this is more interesting than many movies churned out by Hollywood. Also, 72 times… that’s some dedication for someone who’s not enjoying it, don’t you think?