Myriam Klink’s “Klink Revolution” Has A Music Video

Do you remember that Myriam Klink who goes by queen Myriam Klink of Klinkistan these days has a new song which was released last week?

Well, that song now has a music video to go with it. Lara Kay is definitely jealous and rolling in her kitchen sink right now. Literally. For those who couldn’t go through the song, maybe this would be enough for you to pull through?

You can always mute and watch. It won’t make any difference.

Welcome Lebanon’s Newest Singing Sensation: Lara Kay

Remember Lara Kay? Lebanon’s version of YouTube reality star wannabes?
Well she’s back. And she has taken a few lessons from the likes of Myriam Klink in how to get people talking, which shouldn’t come as a surprise with it involving singing.

Her song is “ataletleh l a7lem” and it is not as “trashy” as Klink’s “3antar.” She’s basically depressed about life in Lebanon. So she decided to sing about it.

Shou we2fet 3laya? L kel beddo yghanne.

Problem is even with auto tune, she’s out of tune and the video she has going with the song is simply boobs galore.

Now please, for the love of God, don’t tell Nemr Abou Nassar about this. Let’s keep this among ourselves, have fun with it for a week max, and not turn it into a matter of national security.

Lara Kay: A Self-Proclaimed Lebanese YouTube “Reality TV Star”

This is absolutely disgusting and as +961 said “Please tell me this is a joke.”

Let’s start with the shorter video – I couldn’t go through the first 30 seconds. I really thought her lips were going to fall off. Shouldn’t there be a law as to how much silicon you can inject into a certain part of your body? Dear Lara, your lips are not koussa. Walaw?

And since there’s another longer video, I decided not to waste my quota on it. 15 minutes of this atrocity is nowhere near acceptable. But hey, you might find her “entertaining?”

In the first video, she says about herself that she’s beautiful. Miss Kay, if you’re beautiful then Maryam Nour should be crowned Miss Universe. How about you ponder on that while you give hair advice?

Update: I was just linked to her Facebook page. She has over 450 likes. Why does she have that many likes? Well, let’s just say that she has many images there that resemble this:

No, you’re not imagining things – if you know what I mean.