In Battle Against ISIS, Lebanon’s Army Pays Tribute To Spain’s Terrorist Attacks Victims

As Lebanon’s Army General Joseph Aoun tweeted the commencement of operation “Fajr el Jouroud,” which translates to “the dawn of the mountains,” Lebanon’s Army has started its full blown assault at the remaining entities of ISIS that are still plaguing the mountain regions of Al-Qaa and Aarsal, on Lebanon’s Northeastern Border with Syria.

I am confident that our army will be victorious. In only 24 hours, they’ve captured lands that were controlled by the terrorists and have planted their flag, as well as the Lebanese flag, on many hilltops that had been – up to that point – controlled by the cancerous entities that had tried to spread among Lebanese society without fruition.
This assault at ISIS in order to push them back from where they came and secure our Northeastern Border is a moment of triumph for the country against everything that ISIS is and that it has done.

Today, remember the Lebanese victims of Istanbul’s attack on New Year’s Eve. Remember the suicide attacks of Borj Al Barajneh that killed over forty people in 2015. Remember the many bombings against the Army in Arsal. Remember the suicide attacks in Qaa that killed 5 people. Remember the Jabal Mohsen attack in Tripoli. Remember every single victim in this country whose entire future was wiped away by these people whose entire cause revolves around making everyone else afraid of living.

In the midst of this assault on ISIS, Lebanon’s Army didn’t forget that its sacrifices and struggles against the terrorists are not only restricted by the borders of the country it’s fighting in. In fighting ISIS, Lebanon’s Army is going international in the fight against ISIS, and this is exemplified by the above picture of an army solider planting the Spanish flag on top of a liberated hill along with the Lebanese flag.

As such, this battle against ISIS in Lebanon is a triumph for the world too. It’s for the multi-national victims of those terrorist cowards in Spain. It’s for the victims of the attacks in Paris, Nice, Brussels, Berlin, Istanbul, and Egypt’s Copts. It’s a triumph for those people whose only “fault” was being of a certain country, at certain locations, of certain religions, of being people whose entire existence frightened those terrorists and their message.

I hope Lebanon’s Army plants more of our flags on more hills as they fully liberate our lands from such pests. I hope Lebanon’s people stay united behind the army in such tough and dark times, as we try to move forward as a country towards more secure borders, in synchrony with how important such measures are for the entire world.

Fuck ISIS. 


The Syrian Army Attacking North Lebanon Tonight?

A news report just published is saying that more than 15,000 Syrian army men are heading towards the Northern Lebanese borders for a military attack to secure the border. The report also says that the Syrian army might venture deep into Lebanese land and reach Tripoli to completely annihilate the support of the Syrian Free Army in North Lebanon.

I’m taking this with a grain of salt because it sounds too far-fetched, not to mention that the source of the news is Al Diyar. Why would Bashar el Assad risk 15,000 men away from battlegrounds where they’re probably much more needed?

But I’m not a military strategist nor do I want to be. So assuming that there’s some truth to this and that the Syrian Army might be planning something eventually along the Lebanese border, let me ask our government a few questions:

  1. Have you made sure that the Syrian Army is not moving in droves towards our Northern border?
  2. If the Syrian army is moving in droves towards our border, have you called your favorite person in Damascus to ask them why?
  3. Have you called up upon our army to move towards Akkar in order to retaliate to every single missile and shot fired by people who want to violate our land? Or is it only violation and a cause of panic and mayhem when our Southern neighbors do it?
  4. In case the Syrian Army decides to go as far as Tripoli, do we have a plan of action or will we just stand by the sidelines and watch as they burn our country again?
  5. PM Mikati, how was your pilgrimage to Mecca? Rewarding, I hope.

Alas, the answers to all of those questions are already known. Long live a country whose borders are as open as the legs of a prostitute.

Missiles From Israel With Love? Not Really. The Signature is Lebanese

Do you remember back in 2006 when we were outraged at the images of Israeli girls writing on the missiles their army was about to hit us with?

In case you don’t remember the pictures, here they are:

From Israel to Lebanon… with love? Guess again.

The missiles that Israel might potentially hit us with in the case of another war won’t be manufactured by Israelis only. There’s a Lebanese who will be helping them as well. Her name is Arzeh Haddad. She’s the daughter of Saad Haddad, one of the founders of  “Jeish Lahd” whose members fled to Israel with the liberation of South Lebanon in 2000 . She was just awarded her second Masters degree in rocket science from a university in Haifa.

This is Arzeh

Born in 1981, 3 years before the death of her father, she fled to Israel in 2000 with the liberation of the South. She told Israeli newspapers that she doesn’t remember much of her father but she’s positive she got his ambition and determination. She feels that Israel is her home but that doesn’t mean she would never think about going back to Lebanon. She just has no “current plans” of returning. In fact, she said in another interview that if she had stayed in Lebanon, her life would have been much worse. She pities those living there. Lebanon isn’t a place she’d want to live in.

Well, f*** her.

Her research has been centered around a new propeller engine for missiles that can target land targets. The engine will allow missiles to travel long distances much faster, which lets warplanes carrying these missiles not approach their targets in order to destroy them.

The Haddad family is living off paychecks they receive from the Israeli army. Their mother, Therese, had the following to say: “We loved Israel and defended it against anyone who badmouthed it. We came to Israel and we love Israel. We are Israelis. But Lebanon is in our hearts.”

How’s Lebanon in their hearts precisely? Yes, with each missile they send our way, they’re sending it with copious amounts of love.

When it comes to treason, there are varying degrees. There are those who leak sensitive information which may or may not lead to something tangible. There are those who do so under threats. And there are those, like Arze, who do so with conviction, whole-heartedly manufacturing the weapons that will kill Lebanese children, women and men. I tried to process the question of how could she fathom doing this to her own people? But then I realized that Lebanon is not her people. The only thing Lebanese about her is her name, which translates to Cedar, and she might as well change that to Nejmeh (star) because Arzeh is way above someone like her.