Myriam Klink’s “Klink Revolution” Has A Music Video

Do you remember that Myriam Klink who goes by queen Myriam Klink of Klinkistan these days has a new song which was released last week?

Well, that song now has a music video to go with it. Lara Kay is definitely jealous and rolling in her kitchen sink right now. Literally. For those who couldn’t go through the song, maybe this would be enough for you to pull through?

You can always mute and watch. It won’t make any difference.

Klink Revolution: Myriam Klink’s New Song


She calls herself QMK which I guess translates to Queen Myriam Klink so I may be doing her a disservice by omitting the first word.. This is Myriam Klink’s new “song” about the current state of things in Lebanon. You know, el en2isam, el ta2ifiye w heik.

Unless Nemr Abou Nassar is so bored he wants to expand his fanbase again, I’m willing to bet no one will be having a field day with this.

Interestingly, it was “debuted” on Joe Maalouf’s radio show. It seems he doesn’t mind this type of “music” being played on his airwaves if it brings in audiences.

I thought she was just messing around with Antar. But this shows that she’s actually taking herself seriously. Lord have mercy.

Proceed with caution. The path ahead is extremely risky for your eardrums and there’s no accompanying dance video to please your eyes.


The Conclusion of the Myriam Klink and Nemr Abou Nassar “Cat” Fight

This is a Lebanese meme done by twitter user @RachaMneimne and, even though I said I wouldn’t blog about the whole thing again, I think this is way too spot-on to be passed on.

Racha has also had the following to say, as a reply to Nemr’s 30 minute rant in which he declared Myriam Klink and other like hers as being “whores” who couldn’t take criticism but can take other things easily, “full pun intended.”

Hey Nemr Why So Angry? “Have a Sense of Humor, For The Love of God!”

 As a sum-up, here’s what Lebanon has been busy with for the past few days.
  1. Myriam Klink’s performance of her song “3antar” surfaced. (Check it here)
  2. Nemr Abou Nassar noticed the video and made a big deal of it. Twitter drama with Klink ensued. Everyone started making fun of her as well. (Check it here).
  3. Nemr Abou Nassar went on his radio show and had a full-blown rant about the state of the music industry. I’ve seen many people call it EPIC. I see it as everything but. (Check it here).
Finally, thank you Racha for telling it like it is.

The Myriam Klink Saga: Nemr Abou Nassar Replying to her on Radio

Remember when I said Nemr will be using Myriam as one of his sources? Well, it didn’t take long. Here’s a full-blown 30 minute radio show about Klink and about what he thinks she represents of Lebanese society.

I don’t listen to Lebanese radio so this is my first time hearing this. I agree with him on many points that are raised. Our music scene is despicable.

However, how’s calling women whom you don’t approve of whores and sluts part of the Lebanese culture you’re trying to bring forward?

Is Myriam Klink giving Lebanese women a bad image? Only people who categorize a whole population based on a distorted perception would think so. And we are fueling that, giving way more attention than necessary to those we “deem” inappropriate.

Simply put, Nemr Abou Nassar has given Myriam Klink 30 minute of radio time during prime time, which she wouldn’t have dreamed of. He even says the MixFM site crashed. He has made her almost as famous as he is in almost one day. Does he think the points he raised will resonate with her or those who like her? I doubt.

I’m pretty sure if Nemr had discovered Nancy Afiouny before or Lara Kay, this whole debaccle would have been a repeat. In fact, I’m sure both Nancy Afiouny and Lara Kay would kill for the publicity Klink has gotten in 48 hours.

Anyway, both sides of the dispute have said their share. Can we refocus on important things now? Li2anno sara7a, shi bila33e. 

And this is the last Myriam Klink/Nemr Abou Nassar post I’ll have here. Enough with giving attention to the both of them.

Myriam Klink – 3antar!

Myriam Klink is the new model turned singer to “grace” the music scene.

My eyes are satisfied.

But my ears? They’re bleeding.

My language processing centers? They’re shutting down.

A friend told me about this a few days ago but I just found the YouTube video of it. It’s even worse than she made it out to be. The song’s name is “3antar” which translates to “strong.” It’s not about a guy because the lyrics “3antar 3al terwi2a w 3antar kell d2i2a” told to a guy would cause mental arrest for many in the region.

No, 3antar is…. *drumroll*…. a cat. Yes, a fluffy cat.

Let alone the fact that she can’t even pronounce the word “3antar” properly, I have no idea how someone can actually fathom singing this.

What’s interesting is that while searching for this YouTube video, I stumbled on an interview of hers with MTV’s “Men el Ekher” where she said she wouldn’t go into the singing domain because “ma bedde etjarras” (I don’t want to make a fool out of myself). I wonder in which category this fits.

Her official website can be accessed here. Don’t panic when you hear Barbie Girl (or whatever that song’s called) blast from your speakers.

But she is hot. That’s all.